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2P Checkers Test (Design Map by Tmi489)
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Tmi489 (11/04/2018 02:33pm):
2P Checkers

- Rockets can't attack Cruisers, Artys can attack Cruisers once.

Weather: Snow
Fog: Off
Tag: On [!]
Funds: So high it doesn't matter
Unit Bans: All minus Landers and BCopters
CO: Only Eagle

Each piece can move one space, then attack or move with Eagle's COP. Tag is on to make sure you get as
COP charge as possible. Each side can attack the other's megas outside the checkers board for charge, and
can't delete the megas or else they get captured. Once a piece gets to the end, they can destroy the opposing
Cruiser blocking the lander and get a promoted Rocket.

Optional Rules:
- Each player can move 1 piece only per day.
- Each player moves diagonally.

Last Edited on 11/04/2018 02:39pm

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