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Maze Wars (Design Map by clord666)
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Rating: 1.00 in 1 rating
Map Committee Rating: 0 in 0 ratings
clord666 (11/05/2018 12:05am):
Can Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth or Yellow Comet reach the centre without dying?


BH has one rule they must abide by, the other countries have no such rules.
If BH destroys a country's T-Copter, they may capture the country's HQ at the top of the map to remove them from
the game. They may not capture the HQs otherwise.

BH aims to KO all the T-Copters before running out of fuel, while also trying to stop those countries from entering
the central area.
The other countries can choose to hide safely in their starting positions, or try to reach the central area to capture
all the HQs and win. They can bide their time in safety until BH is guaranteed to have run out of fuel and lost all their
fighters, however they risk another country reaching the central area first and capturing all the HQs.



Teams: Flexible. Can have OS + YC vs BM + GE vs BH, or FFA.
Tags: Flexible
Weather: Flexible
Fog: On
CO Powers: Flexible
Funds per Turn: 0
Starting Funds: 0
Capture Limit: Off
Days Limit: Off
Unit Limit: Doesn't Matter
Unit Bans/Lab Units: Doesn't Matter

COs: Recommended BH plays Eagle (reduce passive fuel loss in the fighters) or Sonja (increase fighter's vision).
The other countriesare more flexible. They can also play Sonja (Increased T-Copter Vision) or Eagle (no passive
fuel loss in the T- Copters so they could try to hide in the maze to get a head-start when the fighters crash), or they
could play Sensei or Sami if they are not banned.
Last Edited on 11/05/2018 03:02am
PWNHAMMER247 (11/05/2018 03:57pm):
A bit too frantic for me becuase of the fuel... Bh has too many fighters, it'll clog the whole thing up! Still, one of the
only actually GOOD maze maps! to prevent BH from cheating, maybe give each team a sub gate to the HQ.
everyone must submerge and when- CRAP! nvm u cant win by rout any ideas?
Tmi489 (11/10/2018 07:03pm):
BH can't win by rout anyways
Crusier/Subs on HQ would prevent insta wins
clord666 (11/25/2018 07:40am):
I'm going to do some major revisions to address those things guys.
Last Edited on 11/25/2018 07:42am
clord666 (11/29/2018 08:26am):
Updated Map:

As per suggestions from the first 2 playtests, I have increased the number of directions available to T-Copters, decreased distance
between junctions and opened up the sides. I have also reduced the number of BH Fighters to 5.
This should help T-Copters in having a chance of succeeding inside the maze so countries dont have to stall to win or die easily if the
enter the maze.

The locations of the HQs and BH infantries have been moved to the corners to reduce vision BH gains from those infantry.

Black Tiles connecting BM+GE and OS+YC have been removed due to bugs associated with them (I assume thats what the 1 rating
was for, apologies about that).


Regarding the sub gate/cruiser gate idea posted here.
A cruiser or sub on the HQ would be refueled so would never sink. BH would therefore be unable to win at all since they cannot
capture the HQ nor win by route (since the cruiser/sub cant be kills so all units cannot be routed).
The only way to reach a HQ would be if a country resigned, but then theres little point in capturing the city left behind.

A cruiser/sub gate before the HQ would result in a country being able to wait 60+ turns until it sank which in my opinion is worse than
BH cheating and capturing the HQs.
The best thing to do is play with people who won't cheat and with the current method, BH is the only one who can cheat. However with
sub gates theres any one or more of the 4 other players could decide to wait a full 60+ turns for their ship gate to sink instead of

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