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Hide & seek (Design Map by unclegubsy)
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unclegubsy (11/05/2018 04:17pm):
==== Hide & Seek ====
todo write something zany about white nova using the inhabitants of wars world for their amusement.
Work together to vanquish these wanton visitors.

==== Settings ====
Teams: ON
Fog: ON
Funds Per Turn: 1000

lab units: mech, recon, apc, artillery, tank, anti-air, rocket, bcopter, stealth
banned units: infantry, black bomb

CO bans: kanbei, colin, grit, nell
recommended CO bans: sasha, hawke, olaf, drake, rachel, kindle, sturm, hachi, jugger, flak (maybe sensei? unless mechs
are banned)

==== Teams ====
Everyone VS White Nova
Last Edited on 11/10/2018 10:20am
Meta Rexy (11/09/2018 03:07pm):
I recommend giving White an APC because the megatanks can easily run out of fuel while
chasing enemies around.
PWNHAMMER247 (11/09/2018 05:03pm):
uhhhh what about PC? also why are there airports?
Meta Rexy (11/09/2018 05:35pm):
Pink is not actually playing in this game. Those are ghost units. Since Pink has no HQ or
lab its units will all vanish when the game begins. However, they block transports from
unloading onto those cities, or hachi and sensei from spawning units on them.

Honestly, I don't think they're necessary as both of them should be banned when banning
brokens like colin anyway.

Airports are on the bottom for the allies to build t copters and advance. However, you
better ban mass damage COs if you're not going to leave any cities on the bottom for the
mechs to heal if they get hurt.

Also, T copters should be a lab unit to prevent White from using them as shields.
Furthermore, I think missile units should also be lab units. It's unlikely they will be
built by white, but if the idea was for White to only be able to build expensive powerful
units the focus should be on direct units to roam around rather than letting him use
Missiles to keep enemy air units away from his HQ.
PWNHAMMER247 (11/09/2018 05:44pm):
Hmm... Good idea.

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