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Limited Funds (Design Map by Shadow Star)
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PWNHAMMER247 (11/28/2018 02:27pm):
sooo how do the ghost units work here?
Shadow Star (11/28/2018 04:47pm):
It's just there to stop Hachi and Sensei, thats all.
a9977321 (11/29/2018 09:00am):
Any capturing priority for BH?
Shadow Star (11/29/2018 11:50am):
Uh, well they should be evenly capturing property. For space purposes, the property that BH will obtain is all
together. If i had the proper space I'd have it further apart, and avoid the confusion that may arise from BH not
being used by an impartial individual.
Xmo5 (12/07/2018 10:17am):
Interesting take on the LHF gameplay style. Unfortunate that it requires an impartial 5th
player, though.

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