Creator: Voice of Akasha || First Published: 08/03/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x19
Categories: S-Rank, Global League
Rating: 8.27 in 22 ratings
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ichbinsehselber (08/31/2019 07:01pm):
The map looks like a great league quality map to me. It has everything you wish for. Well balanced, some choices in the cap phase, contested cities....
Nicodemia (08/04/2020 03:36am):
Looks like map where attacking is not easy in the middle, but theres 3 lanes of war that needs to be defended/attacked and can
be breached with planes/mechs. Fun stuff, i approve.
Zeronix (09/30/2020 12:25pm):
This map has proven itself in tourney play. S rank

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