BlackBoat Confrontation
Creator: FoW Maps || First Published: 12/01/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 23x19
Categories: A-Rank, Under Review, Fog of War
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FoW Maps (12/02/2018 05:19am):
This is a fog map.It is more suitable for FoW games.

This map is based on Sami-YingXiangLi's map,Water Drop:
TheRazeSoldier2004 (09/13/2020 04:17pm):
Max will have some advantage when trying to capture the bases... a tank will drop out the pipe---
SonjaTheSuperior (12/28/2020 10:37am):
Solid map. Has some nice things going on and lets both players play what they want to play, very wyj esque in that regard but
also has some gimmicks.

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