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Opportunities (Design Map by Hamplmann)
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PWNHAMMER247 (12/03/2018 07:02pm):
*cough* acid rain assassins *cough*
Hamplmann (12/04/2018 12:11pm):
My first attempt at creating a map. Made for 4p FFA or maybe 2v2 (OS+YC vs BM+GE).
Not yet tested once, the first games are in progress.

To the "acid rain assassins": I never played as, with or against Sensei or Hachi yet, not
even on other maps, so i dont really know if it works, but the AR Infantries are there to
prevent building from these cities.

Any comments (read: constructive or at least funny comments, no agressive ones) are
welcome! I will try to make this map better, and everything that helps me with it is nice!
Xmo5 (12/05/2018 11:58am):
You are correct: Using those AR infantry in this way will prevent Hachi or Sensei from
being able to spawn units on those cities.

This map is certainly set up better to play as teams because of the tower/silo asymmetry
(in the case of FFA) and because it resolves FTA more cleanly than playing it as an FFA
(with the current layout/setup).

Some recommendations:

First, I would remove the silos or switch their position with the towers. Easily
accessible silos can wreak havoc on smooth gameplay progression and are better suited for
stalemate breaking in the late game at the expense of some form of investment (bboat in
this case). Personally, I think it's rare to find a fair, practical, and non-disruptive
use of silos, so I generally advocate removing them, but not everyone's tastes and needs
are the same. (Fun casual games don't have the same requirements of balance and gameplay
quality as formal competitions do, for example)

Second, I would open up the edges to allow units to pass through there as another battle
area. It doesn't have to be wide open, but it would be nice to allow vehicles to threaten
around the outside too. Just be careful about how direct of a route you give bases to each
other- moving the bases or having a strategic mountain or two (or even just using fewer
roads or well placed forests) can keep the players uncertain about which path is really
the best one (you want both to be good choices at different points for different reasons).

Lastly, it can be tough to get enough funding into multiplayer maps because you have so
many players in so little space. Generally you want players to have about 5-7k in income
per base, so each player should have 10-14k here as a rule of thumb. This helps balance
out your proportions of vehicles and infantry. If you go too low in funding, people buy a
lot of infantry because a high unit count is extremely important. This would lead to a
stalemate because everything gets too congested to do much useful damage. Alternatively,
if you go too high, you can choke out the capture phase before all or most of the
properties are captured and leave yourself will too few meatshields to protect your
expensive units. This can lead to standoffs where players are afraid to approach the
middle and threaten their opponent without enough units to shield themselves from getting
hit first. It's also generally better to be high than low. I suggest filling in some of
the mountains/forests along the edges with a couple extra cities, especially in
combination with the last suggestion I made.

And as a supplement, we have some great resources available for new map makers, so feel
free to give them a read:



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