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The map that Transform (Design Map by 79227)
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Rating: 1.00 in 1 rating
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79227 (12/06/2018 12:36pm):
It charges every so often ... Enjoy

(FIrst Thing) OS+YC vs BM+GE vs BH (??? Days Left)
Edit 1 (fixed Shoal Distance)

Also Why do i need all 16 player to start a game
Last Edited on 12/07/2018 02:20pm
PWNHAMMER247 (12/06/2018 02:24pm):
PWNHAMMER247 (12/07/2018 02:44pm):
u need 16 players bc theres 16 hqs so remove some
79227 (12/07/2018 03:37pm):
k (after the game of course*) so hope some player use alts to jump in and make it faster

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