Creator: BurningStarFour || First Published: 12/04/2018 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank
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BurningStarFour (12/06/2018 02:31pm | Edited: 12/08/2018 02:54pm):
A slight re-imagining of The Static:

Updates from original:
- Decreased ease of movement on sides
- Created stronger need for sea transport near bases
- Increased value in the center, more restricted movement
- Adjustment of terrain near bases and shoals to encourage breaking pipe seam to allow for better
transportation opportunities to the top and bottom.
- Removed pre-deployed artillery, added pre-deployed landers (attempt to make towers more contested)
- Switched FTA counter base to better mitigate possibility of STA.

12/8/18 - reduced some of the busy-ness, particularly in the central area and removed some cities (including
two empty silos).
Xmo5 (12/06/2018 05:05pm):
I'm not sure that it's better than the original. I think it's a bit too busy and has too
many cities for the production capacity.

Also, if the bases aren't equivalent in value, resulting in STA by putting the infantry on
the stronger base, then switching the infantry to the weaker base leaves an equal amount
of FTA as you previously had in STA. The FTA solution is only as perfect as the balance
between the bases. This is most clearly illustrated with the extreme case of having a
single base (or having the second base locked on an island with no transports or
properties). Giving P2 an infantry on the main base is full STA and not giving them one
(or placing it on the isolated base) is full FTA.
BurningStarFour (12/08/2018 03:00pm):
I would disagree to an extent about the FTA/STA logic above, at least as it relates to this map. In the original,
there was virtually no benefit to the FTA counter, except that it was a free infantry. In this version, the FTA
counter starts working as early as turn 2 by giving player 2 a 500G edge for at least the foreseeable future of
the capture phase. I'm going to leave it this way for now.

I did clear up some of the busy-ness though. I have a tendency to crowd my maps in a (misguided) effort to
add complexity to decision-making and provide terrain diversity.
Xmo5 (12/11/2018 12:28pm | Edited: 12/11/2018 12:29pm):
Right, but my point is that if you moved that infantry to the other base, player 1 would
gain the same net advantages that player 2 has now. If moving first on base 1 is a worth a
500G edge (net), then whichever player moves first on that base has that advantage.

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