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Summoner's Rift (Design Map by FranXXis)
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PWNHAMMER247 (12/06/2018 02:25pm):
hmm maybe a 4p or 6p verson next?
79227 (12/06/2018 03:05pm):
Maybe 8 or 10 or if you want 6v6 12
Shadow Star (12/06/2018 04:21pm):
I mean, Ideally you'd want 6v6 with the sixth players on each team being the towers. I'd also like to point out
that the edges (top left and bottom right) should have a more curved look to them. Also you may want to make
"River" shoals instead of rivers.

Funds look really low on this map averaging 16 per side and 5 bases.
I think you could get away with a 4v4, with 2 players on defense, and the remaining 6 players controlling a lane
At that point you can get into more interesting things, like giving one player an airport, one player a com tower,
and one player two extra cities or something.
79227 (12/07/2018 12:12pm):
Or let them make a choice between 2-3 (maybe 4) options

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