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Sidewinder (Design Map by BlueLink9001)
Categories: Casual Play

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BlueLink9001 (01/06/2019 06:09am):
A map made with T4 COs in mind, Will probably work in other tiers. If there's any issues with the map please
explain it to me and I'll see what I can do to fix it!

If you decide to not use those COs, I'd say the current CO Bans should be: The Broken 5, The Casino Crew[Nell,
Flak, Jugger], and Javier, with unit bans being BBombs and *maybe* Stealths, just because Stealths are anti-fun.
Last Edited on 01/17/2019 02:16pm
79227 (01/07/2019 07:41am):
i notice both artillery can him the central base. are they suppose to do that
BlueLink9001 (01/08/2019 10:29am):
Yup. Was actually planning to swap them out for Piperunners later.
Last Edited on 01/08/2019 10:30am
BlueLink9001 (01/11/2019 10:34am):
Alright I've been thinking; First off I want to get rid of the neutral labs on the side islands. It'd make the game
really stalematey if I hollowed that area out to be a backup base.

Second off: Replace the Artillery with Piperunners so that they can last longer by being able to avoid early

That's about all I've really thought about thus far.

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