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Dungeon Realm (Design Map by Uzisteve)
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shen150 (02/01/2019 08:02pm):
Is this supposed to be Dungeons and Dragons?
79227 (02/03/2019 11:10am):
what are the rules? beat up Cobalt ice fast? plus RF can capture that base and then make op units even if hes not
Last Edited on 02/16/2019 03:03pm
Uzisteve (02/15/2019 01:43pm):
To Shen150: It's supposed to be inspired by it. the 4 heroes have to help BD (the good empire)
cap the CI (evil empire) hq on the bottom before the evil empire wins on top. The good empire and
bad empire have to balance production on both sides.

79227: Yeah, the map needs a lot of work. BD is going to get that base, the hero's HQs will be
made cappable, and the evil empire needs buffing, aside from other small tweaks and fixes. As far
as rules standard rules with unit limits bumped to 60-70, CI is Von Bolt, BD idk who they should be
yet but I'm thinking Sasha, and Heros are all Javier.

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