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Pandora Boxes (Design Map by MossGrande)
Categories: New

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MossGrande (02/01/2019 01:30am):
What will you do with your caged units? Keep them where they are and let artillery harass troopers,
delaying the capture of the cities? Or delete artillery and let another unit loose, although giving your
enemy faster access to the missile silo or comm tower?
Last Edited on 02/01/2019 01:37am
walkerboh01 (02/01/2019 04:22am):
This is a fun concept. I do have to imagine it's a little bit OP to be able to delete your artillery and let a bomber
loose on the opponent on day 2 though. I would consider putting an opposing unit in front of the bomber that it
can't target instead (friendly copter?). The same probably goes for the MD tank.
MossGrande (02/01/2019 08:42am):
Thanks for your input! I've changed a couple of cities so now each side gets 10000G a day from
the start - enough to afford a couple of mechs and AA in case of hell breaking loose on day 3-4.
Blocking bombers with units they cannot target would kinda defeat the whole purpose of deciding
on deleting artillery, and using tank / Bcopter instead would make them too weak to bother with
that option. Don't forget that once you deal with both bombers and MD tanks without releasing
your units, you have a free early access to two comm towers and missile silos.
walkerboh01 (02/01/2019 03:40pm):
I'm just saying I think it's not a hard decision right now. The early bomber releasing will wreak way more havoc
on the opponent's capture phase.
Last Edited on 02/03/2019 06:02pm
przemo (02/02/2019 11:33am):
I am triggered by words 'early access', desu

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