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Misery 3v3 (Design Map by Visage)
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Visage (02/08/2019 05:37pm):
Teams are pretty obvious: GE/AB/WN vs BH/GS/PC
Suggested lab units: Inf, mech
Unit bans: Stealth, Black Bomb, Piperunner

CO bans: mass damage, brokens.
Consider leaving Javier unbanned; PC/WN may need Kanbei stats to be relevant.

GE/BH are the best Jess use-case I've ever seen (assuming footsoldiers are lab units).

I tried to counter FTA/STA via turn order and other considerations, but there's an odd
number of countries per team and everything's asymmetric anyway so IDK.

I tried to make it not quite so miserable for fog; dunno if I succeeded.

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