Hold Hands
Creator: WaddleDee || First Published: 02/12/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 35x16
Categories: Sprite
Rating: 9.17 in 6 ratings
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Gorp900 (02/12/2019 08:37am):
Cute, 10/10
79227 (02/12/2019 09:19am | Edited: 02/12/2019 09:19am):
Neat 10/10
Rush_FTK (02/12/2019 02:51pm | Edited: 02/12/2019 02:54pm):
Nice Sprite 100000/10
Sorry i could only give 10 score for max
shen150 (02/13/2019 10:21pm):
Jackie Milton (02/14/2019 08:25am):
This is a little racy, don't you think?

(The "P" stands for "Prude")
Xmo5 (02/25/2019 02:08pm | Edited: 02/25/2019 02:08pm):
Wandering mind, adrift, yet poised
As if waiting by the door
Daintily at first it knocks
Drawn I am to its allure

Looming now, it stands in open frame
Entering, it reaches out and asks my name
Do I oblige this thought its dangerous game?

Enlightening me, its fire brands
Enticing me to hold its hands

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