The Alps
Creator: SuperTeddyGuy || First Published: 03/02/2019 || Players: 4 || Size: 32x32
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SuperTeddyGuy (03/02/2019 03:24am):
Well, this is my first map, so please give me some feedback on how it plays!

I'd recommend playing this in a 2v2 scenario with Orange Star + Green Earth vs Blue Moon + Yellow Comet.
I also recommend banning Sturm.

the-deadly-shadow (03/02/2019 04:35am):
I suppose you should play this one, if you can't allready guess how this plays out.

I don't think this is the style of maps that I could appreciate. However if I don't like
it, it does not mean that others can't enjoy it.
walkerboh01 (03/02/2019 05:37pm):
Usually you want to avoid central chokepoints, because they cause stalemates. This will play
better if you strongly reduce the mountain diagonals, allowing paths between adjacent

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