Creator: R.U.S.E 35 || First Published: 03/05/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
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R.U.S.E 35 (03/05/2019 11:16pm):
My first attempt at a map. Be as critical as you like :P
walkerboh01 (03/06/2019 02:29am):
From my comments on the Discord:

It's really choky. This means it really easy to plant an arty behind a unit on the bridge, and it will be almost impossible to get
through. You have to limit choke points in AWBW or games will stalemate.

If you look at S-Rank maps, you'll notice that chokes are only used sparingly, and usually there are several close to each other
to allow multiple lanes around the narrow areas.

Another thing to consider is the # of preowned bases. For balance purposes, you want to give each player at least two bases,
and then place a preowned infantry on one of them for Player 2. This allows each player to move first from one base, balancing
first turn advantage.

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