16 CO Macro Land War
Creator: hank112489 || First Published: 03/04/2019 || Players: 16 || Size: 40x26
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Rating: 6.75 in 4 ratings
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hank112489 (03/04/2019 09:02pm):
This is based off of Solofo's Macro Land Map but i added a couple things. The idea is to have 4 CO's from
each country on a team. The way i drew it up in my head was like this.
Team Orange Star: Orange Star-Nell, Pink Cosmos-Sami, Red Fire-Max, White Nova-Andy
Team Blue Moon: Blue Moon-Olaf, Cobalt Ice-Grit, Purple Lighting-Colin, Teal Galaxy-Sasha
Team Yellow Comet: Yellow Comet-Kanbei, Acid Rain-Grimm, Amber Blaze-Sonja, Brown Desert-Sensei
Team Green Earth: Green Earth-Eagle, Black Hole-Javier, Grey Sky-Drake, Jade Sun-Jess

Fixed some errors on this
Gusosaurus (12/18/2020 10:24am):
wow sturm's island is literally pointless to land on
rotpilz (12/21/2020 08:30pm):
^ agreed, it should get a comm tower so everyone wants to die for it
Surto6 (12/22/2020 02:23pm):
actualy i should be a lab so that you can build NEO-tanks
Ristey_n (02/17/2021 07:49pm):
I agree, Surto6.

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