Navy Vs. Air (AW2: Hard Remastered)
Creator: davincent456 || First Published: 03/10/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 29x16
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davincent456 (03/10/2019 05:08pm):
[If you want to play as is, Black Bomb, Mega, Stealth, Carrier (maybe) banned. Drake is GE, Hawke is BH]
[I know it says remastered. As of 3/10/2019 this map is a carbon copy of the original just read on :)]

Okay! Good afternoon everyone! In light of a few AW2 Campaign maps I've played I thought I'd put this one up on
the site. The Green Earth campaign is my favorite for sentimental reasons and this was one of the more
interesting changes for Hard Campaign.

1. First off I understand there can be a bit of negative pushback to publishing these maps. But I want to take a
new route here that invites constructive criticism rather than just a few lines of disappointment.

2. I've found playing on the AW2 reuploads can -maybe- be fun be not for any competitive or strategic reasons. In
most cases, giving a player control of BH is outrageously unbalanced. Or on the other hand, in some NC
missions, playing BH is pointless instead. I think this map, with some edits, presents an opportunity that creates a
still unbalanced scenario that can be fun and shaken up with some interested players behind it.

3. The "Remastered" part comes from edits I think I'd add with any recommendations or advice from all of YOU
the players. Such as the following:

a. Reduce the amount of properties BH begins with (reduce from 5 BH airports to 1 captured and 3 neutral in
order to match the GE ports)
b. Chokepoints! Open up the chokepoints at the vertically oriented bridges and the green earth shoal line beneath
the neutral cities.
c. Remove the island base missile silos (I'm truly not a fan of silos) but keep the one on the center perhaps.
d. Perhaps add factories to the top center and bottom center islands to encourage competition for these zones
and enable sorties from these areas to the frontline or areas behind the front.
e. Change the pre-deployed (or outright remove it if there's a sufficient argument) given BH's major advantage.

I understand given the nature of AW, an airforce outclasses a navy most of the time,

I still have the idea that Drake should play against Hawke here, but of course thats up to each player set. I also
think the imbalance (along with some edits) would be addressed by Fog, given more defensive options available
to the cruisers. I'm really just looking to pick your brains here. Thank ya

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