1 Loamy Shoals (CONTEST CENTER)
Creator: Doritoviet || First Published: 03/10/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 29x19
Categories: New, Fog of War
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Doritoviet (03/10/2019 10:07pm):
Recreation of a map I made on my AWDS cart. Enjoy!
wolf_71 (03/10/2019 10:14pm | Edited: 03/10/2019 10:14pm):
That is very little terrain defense
walkerboh01 (03/10/2019 11:38pm):
Intended for fog presumably?
Doritoviet (03/11/2019 06:13pm):
Yep, I didn't get much time to test it out in Fog but hey it worked pretty well :P
super potato (03/21/2019 09:55pm):
Contested cities are lack, which may make the game hard to end. I suggest to add some ports in the lake. IMO, it could be
interesting XD.
Zeronix (03/22/2019 06:14pm):
Based on the distance from bases, the fronts are likely to develop across the central no-man's land. It seems the map is likely
to stalemate due to lack of contested cities, but possibly the 2-base setup will account for this. Still, I would suggest moving
some cities around to make them more contested. Will hold off on categorizing until I see evidence that this map offers
stalemate-breaking potential.

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