Hinterland Hijinks
Creator: Wynndigo || First Published: 03/14/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
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walkerboh01 (03/14/2019 04:03am):
The lander and pipe seam idea is really nice, should execute well.

One recommendation is to not put the vertical 1-tile wide shoal chokepoints in the direct centerline of the map. I'd put the
chokepoints in a slightly offensive position (i.e., further away from the HQs vertically) so that they aren't directly where the
fighting should take place. There might not be a problem due to how the side fronts develop, but my intuition is telling me it'd
be better with the shoal bridges moved slightly.
Xmo5 (03/14/2019 09:18am):
Yeah, my thoughts on this were that most of the fighting will probably take place on the side fronts while the center
stales a bit. (This is sort of how the original map plays out) I would think the airport position should also help break
up the chokes some, but then again, all my advice on this port came from the rusty "AWBW map design" box that's
been apparently hiding behind the "WG map design" box I've spent that last couple months polishing up. :P
Zeronix (04/15/2019 07:22pm):
Map could really use a few more contested cities. 3 squares below BM's HQ is a great place to put one. Stalemates probably
won't be too much of an issue given the wide front and the 2-base setup.

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