Creator: Uzisteve || First Published: 03/14/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x27
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light
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liandry (03/23/2019 01:28am):
(I feel like I've played on a similar map before. Is this the new version of Macrowars?)

Based from looking at a test game, it seems like what tends to happen on this map is just building vehicles, sending them
straight down the middle, and hoping to breakthrough. This leads to rather uninteresting gameplay, imo.

Would recommend more harshly limiting one of the bases from accessing the center, to create some more imbalance to play
For example, (06,08) could be a forest or a mountain.
If wanting to limit the HQ base instead, the (13, 05) forest could be shifted one tile to the right.
Zeronix (03/23/2019 01:36am):
Agreed with liandry. The capture phase on this map will be quite linear due to the placement of the cities.

The biggest flaw is that the middlegame is likely to stalemate around the HQs due to a lack of contestable properties.
Recommend removing the central clump of mountains and silos, and repositioning some of the central cities to make them
more contested.

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