Hide N Go Seek
Creator: Corporal Hawk || First Published: 04/07/2019 || Players: 5 || Size: 20x15
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Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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Corporal Hawk (04/08/2019 03:34pm):
Fog of War with Funds set to 0
BH is Javier and the seekers are on same team and play as Max
I calculated it so that max players deal 1 damage to the apc and have to hit it 10 times, the person who destroys the apc wins!

Setting a turn limit so BH can win might not be a bad idea
super potato (04/09/2019 04:08pm):
Why not add some forests to help hiding? Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing some test games. Hide and seek is always
interesting for me.
Tmi489 (04/10/2019 03:28pm):
because then the allies can hide in the forrests when bh can't see em
(I'd add an apc over the cities)
super potato (04/19/2019 03:45pm):
Test games show that this is "escape" rather than "hide". Although you decrease the amount of tanks, it is still too easy imo.
Hmmmm... If you don't like forests, I think it could change the roles by Stealth/Anti-air. What's more, setting the weather as rain
can reduce the vision of hunters. Maybe this way improves the entertainment.

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