Tributary's Basin
Creator: Scurge || First Published: 04/16/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 25x21
Categories: New, High Funds
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Scurge (04/16/2019 12:46pm | Edited: 04/16/2019 12:59pm):
Wasn't initially meant to be for Fog of War but I thought halfway through of having cruisers in the sea tiles nearest the otherwise-neutral corners and having the comm towers within range of its vision, then turning those sea tiles into reefs and everything else just kinda followed in a similar fashion whilst I was fleshing out the plainer areas of the map.

Anyways, the main goal with this was to create a map that heavily promotes early use of black boats and later could also incentivise more costly navel units without completely shutting off land-based fronts. I added labs as I thought high funds could help with the map's main point and then the labs could be required to build non-transport navel units and perhaps harder-hitting air units as well. For a FoW game maybe set rockets to be lab-restricted units, too.

Comment edit: Also, feel free to suggest better names for this map; was [Insert Creative Name Here] right up until when I published it, and the name it has now is only not 100% terrible 'cos of the multiple meanings of the word tributary. Works with rivers and the like as well as having meanings around using black boats is a secondary way of moving troops around the battlefield ;-)
Scurge (05/15/2019 06:34am):
After two playtest games I've replaced the Cruisers with Carriers so they'll be a lot more useful; one more vision range over Cruisers in FoW and more than just a CO-power-bar sink in non-fog games.

I am wondering if I should have each side also start with a Black Boat, probably in the nearer unowned ports or closer to the HQs..would that be a good idea?
Scurge (06/28/2019 02:50pm | Edited: 06/28/2019 04:05pm):
Have made multiple, small changes, mostly the addition of empty silos, to give the map a less plain look.
Meta Rexy (06/28/2019 04:20pm):
I think a pre placed Black Boat is a good idea, because building one in the early game means not building a tank or a copter to control space on the fronts, so more aggressive players won't bother with it. Of course the capture phase will become much faster if you do.

I like the carriers to prevent air dominance. I do kind of wish that the map encouraged more Battleship use, like to attack the pre set carrier if the front gets too stagnant, and maybe fewer of those chokepoints in the sea to prevent blocking enemy subs with one BB or cruiser.
Scurge (06/29/2019 06:43am):
I don't mind speeding up the capture phase, especially with how far inland the Black Boats can get along the 'river' areas. I'm just very unsure of where to place the B-Boats to start with.

Perhaps I could widen the sea in the middle out and/or bring the ports back a couple of spaces so Battleships can have the Carriers in range as soon as they're built from those ports(?)
As for making the sea less chokepoint-y.. I like the pier-like thing I've done with the bridges, so I'd like to keep them and keep them adjacent to a city so what they are is a little less difficult to guess/tell, so a good start would probably be to get rid of the one shore tile on its own and then move the groups of two next to the labs across one so they're no longer forcing ships to move through the reefs, does that sound good? :-)
Scurge (07/31/2019 05:45am):
I was going to make some changes but got a notice saying I couldn't when games are being played on it and from there saw one of the automated Z-games arranged for it, which is awesome, so I've joined that! =D
Anyways, was gonna replace a couple of road tiles with broken pipe seams for a little more terrain diversity, more for appearance than anything else.
I had a thought; maybe a T-copter would be better starting transport units than B-boats(?)
Also, would the map see an improvement if I added two( more) neutral bases closer to the main land fronts, probably about as close to the carriers as the comm towers are, but on the other side of the 'shore-rivers', likely replacing an existing city?
Sorry for all the question that nobody seems to be reading! ^^; XD I'm just very much looking to improve myself and this map! =3

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