Lights in the Darkness
Creator: SonjaTheSuperior || First Published: 05/05/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 21x21
Categories: New, Under Review, Fog of War
Rating: 5.60 in 5 ratings
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Zeronix (05/05/2019 10:47pm):
Placing in Under Review.
Sami-YXL (05/06/2019 01:10am):
Tedious capture phase caused by city location in fog.And for 3 base and this depth of maps, the income of 28000 is
somewhat higher.
The same problem with the previous fog map,the terrain settings can also be done better.You have to deal with the
movements of tanks and recons, as well as the attack and defense terrain in vision of the war.
SonjaTheSuperior (05/08/2019 11:47am | Edited: 06/04/2019 07:45am):
Removed corner mountain, some cities, some roads in the corners. Some cities
were moved. Corner mountain readded after suggestions.
airob (06/17/2019 04:42am | Edited: 06/17/2019 04:43am):
Whats the point of so many labs? Vision in FoW? There are still have blank spots for 6
vehicles to not get noticed, specially on key routes like fastest route to center and HQ.
SonjaTheSuperior (06/25/2019 12:55pm):
The open areas were intended but I see what you are saying.
SonjaTheSuperior (07/01/2019 09:06am):
EDIT:Removed blank spots in the key areas, since moving there proved to be too powerful in playtests

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