2v2 Feral Amalgamation
Creator: BlueLink9001 || First Published: 05/17/2019 || Players: 4 || Size: 30x30
Categories: A-Rank, Fog of War, Team Play
Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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BlueLink9001 (05/17/2019 01:07pm | Edited: 05/17/2019 01:17pm):
A 2v2-Fog Map

White Nova + Black Hole vs Grey Sky and Acid Rain
Red-Halo (10/31/2019 01:16am):
I really like it.

Javier could be overpowered, if he gets multiple com towers.
BlueLink9001 (11/16/2019 04:06pm):
I mean, yeah, Javier should always be banned on maps with several coms outside of T0 to begin with.
Red-Halo (12/22/2019 04:05pm | Edited: 12/22/2019 04:05pm):
Can confirm. Javier is scary good here. lol

-2 Tier, Extra super broken.

I still really like the map tho

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