Island Defense 2019 June v3
Creator: wilkyb || First Published: 06/20/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 36x27
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super potato (06/22/2019 04:28pm):
Blue Moon can capture OS Hq at the beginning of the game, and OS has no way to prevent it!
wilkyb (06/24/2019 06:09pm):
I think you might be right
wilkyb (06/24/2019 06:15pm):
would you like to elaborate? I don't see it
a9977321 (07/01/2019 11:40pm):
The HQ cap is unavoidable for Sami for now.
To stand a chance the OS mech must move after the base in the left in the beginning.
wilkyb (07/02/2019 04:58pm | Edited: 07/02/2019 05:04pm):
Right now OS is capable of capturing the west closest base and defend the HQ with the mech. I may change this where OS
would have to interrupt the capture of their own factory to defend the HQ. OS is capable of defending the rush if they
produce an early recon. In that case, they could start off by sending the mech to the east closest base instead.
a9977321 (07/04/2019 01:08pm):
The recon can be blocked by 2nd infantry from BM. If you skip infantries to build recon..... Well it really hurt your economy and BM will have a great advantage in that case.
wilkyb (07/04/2019 07:03pm | Edited: 07/04/2019 07:40pm):
I think it would hurt BM economy equally when OS to sends the first two infantry into a recon and a mech. OS can afford to
produce infantry on turn 1 and turn 2, where turn 3 they produce the recon. In this case OS sends the two infantry to capture
two bases and is ahead by a half turn (I believe).

Good observation on the recon blocking. I think it's still okay though because the mech can be pulled from capturing the
base to defend the HQ capture. I think the recon in this case is valuable and useful beyond just having to defend the HQ. Also,
delaying the HQ capture with the mech is also viable on it's own for a couple of turns. But time will tell with more testing.

Thanks for the input! It helps me develop the map when I recieve comments like yours!

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