Pacific Shift Redone
Creator: MSFVoyevoda || First Published: 09/12/2019 || Players: 5 || Size: 40x30
Categories: Historical/Geographical
Rating: 8.50 in 2 ratings
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mirddes (09/16/2019 11:29am):
seems legit

could do with african and australian starting positions though
ChrisRedfield (10/18/2019 10:50am):
As is GE vs BM/YC vs OS/BH makes for a decent match up.

In this scenario: I just wish BM played a smaller part and BH a bigger part. If BH builds a lander earlier on or caps the closest
base then he can remain viable otherwise resorting to indirects and air to push off GE.
shen150 (12/02/2019 06:08pm):
I feel Green needs a lot more properties to compensate for not having a team mate and being in the cross fire of the other two
ChrisRedfield (12/17/2019 02:52pm):
Well the trick is diplomacy between the two teams. Obviously Green is looking for players to drop, but he serves as a referee
at times and can help one team or the other based on which team is getting too powerful. This works until all 4 teams decide
to cave in on him. Green's best strategy to avoid too much conflict is to grab Africa early and hold the east (China).

It's near day 30 and the game is still interesting
I've been playing as green and the chat is rich with diplomacy!

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