China Plain - Editorial
Creator: Surto || First Published: 10/09/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x22
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Surto (10/09/2019 05:16am | Edited: 10/17/2019 06:00am):
Half Funds, FoW
MisterRogers (10/09/2019 09:35am):
I like it, interesting terrain. It looks like there are opportunities for interesting gameplay. What category of map are you going
Surto (10/09/2019 04:21pm | Edited: 10/31/2019 10:57am):
Dunno, I wasn't going for anything particular, I don't have a forum account.

I thought it would be cool if there were pre-deployed units to direct the way things are going, for instance if you want to really
be able to use air units you're gonna have to find and destroy your enemy's missiles, and the medium tank can make for a
good threat, unless your enemy outsmarts it. Starting infantry and artys are there to get the action going faster and with less
imbalance (?), and the apc fitted there nicely for a moral choice.

Half funds allows to make the map have more cities = more epic, means that capturing properties isn't that ridiculously
important thus encouraging other options like ignoring units that are capturing a city and also makes all units such as the
starting units more valuable.
Being at half funds makes shopping choices difficult.. in the game I'm playing I only have 13k each turn, which isn't gonna
help buy anything tough and even chopters are expensive. The vastness of the field seems to make APCs more
rewarding/important. I was inspired by Rivers of Blue Moon to wanna make a cool, huge 'campaign' map, but I guess I'm not
that far yet, so the flooded China Plain will suffice.

I guess you can say that despite how cool AW is, the few flaws and many annoyances it had kept kept nagging at me over
and over, prompting me to try to play around them.

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