Battle royal
Creator: vashtoine || First Published: N/A || Players: 16 || Size: 36x36
Categories: None
Rating: 9.50 in 2 ratings
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shen150 (10/14/2019 02:01am):
Is that many clumped bases in the middle overkill?
vashtoine (10/15/2019 03:46pm):
It's for the show ;)
but i made a mistake in the middle, sry and wait V2.
vashtoine (10/17/2019 12:25pm):
i try to mix team but impossible to find a good shuffle. if you have an idea, tell me !! (11/08/2020 04:09am):
Anyone wanna join a quick game? I've posted multiple games. 3 players free-for-all. Just in case anyone reads this, come'n
piyght me! :)) Hopefully we finish these games in one sitting. Anyone? :)

. . feels like Big Game Hunter (Starcraft), and yeah, overkill in the middle. :) I miss AW men, I hope people are active here.
JohnConstantine (11/24/2020 10:55pm | Edited: 11/24/2020 10:55pm):
Kindle should be banned here.

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