Klaumer River [PC]
Creator: likeok4 || First Published: 10/13/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 30x20
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likeok4 (10/13/2019 03:42am | Edited: 10/13/2019 04:01am):
~ Klaumer River [PC] V1 ~
This map was originally on my DS, however it has been slightly modified since AWBW allows for ghost units and a way to better design maps.

All settings and bans are just recommendations, you are not required to have them, but are often just my ideal settings.

{ Settings }
Funds: 1000
Fog: Off
Weather: Clear
Powers: On
Tag: Off

{ Bans and Limits }
Banned Units: Stealths and Blackbombs (You have silos... Use 'em wisely.)
CO ban: Tier 0s, Sturm and Von Bolt
City Capture: None
Turn limit: 65

{ Ghost Units }
APC: Blocks Port
TCopter: Blocks City

~ Version 1 ~
- When being designed on the DS, I both strived for a sense of balance (Aka both sides have same stuff/movement) and it to look somewhat okay whiles having a theme of a river, although I didn't want it to require players to build landers to move their army hence the center "bridge".
- Silos are to help push and break the choke in the center.
- I personally feel like there could be maybe an additional airport for both players, yet the airports were purposely placed far so that players can't easily rush silos / other side.
-Bases near center are designed to both help keep an attack in center if needed such as bringing the needed MDTanks, or to protect the port and airport.

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