8 Player Tournament
Creator: shen150 || First Published: 10/17/2019 || Players: 8 || Size: 39x34
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shen150 (10/17/2019 09:51pm | Edited: 11/24/2019 01:25am):
Welcome to my 8 player tournament. This map was created using this map as a starter

This game is composed of three rounds. Capture your opponent's HQ to eliminate them. Once all battles in the first map at
the bottom are completed, the remaining players can advance to the second map. Once both maps have a victor by HQ
capture, the final two players may advance to the third and final map. In order to capture the airport, the pipe seam must be
destroyed by a rocket launcher, battleship or Grit artillery.

Funds per property is recommended to be set at 500. Otherwise, the income in the third map would spiral out of control as
the income from the first two maps stack up.
Co Bans are recommended are the broken five (Kanbei, Hachi, Colin, Sensei and Grit), Mass Damage (Hawke, Olaf,
Drake and Kindle) and Missile Strike (Sturm, Von Bolt and Rachel)
Ban Pipe Runners, Stealths and Black Bombs.

DO NOT use indirects to attack any unit outside the section the unit was built in.

Will add missing landers on the right side when available.
Eagle852 (10/23/2019 06:16am):
looks really interesting.
In my opinion, it is not playable though.
-> If I win the first round in 10 rounds, another player in 20 or say 0 due to a boot, even when we wait for an official order to
move to the next map, the stacked funds will be so crucial, that every other round is determined by the first round.
shen150 (10/23/2019 08:47pm | Edited: 10/23/2019 08:48pm):
I see what you're talking about. I'm not sure what I can do to fix it. It's a recurring issue in all the tournament maps I've seen.
Eagle852 (10/24/2019 04:08am):
The only ideas I have for that are rounds with units only and players have to play by the rules to not use them before officially

or increasing funds, i.e. in the first round only 5 buildings, next round say 15, so that stacked funds are not that problematic
a9977321 (10/30/2019 12:46am):
At least in this game you don't get a headstart. You entered the battlefield at the same time. Speaking of funds... I don't
know a way to solve this issue..

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