Double Dealing COs
Creator: likeok4 || First Published: 11/06/2019 || Players: 8 || Size: 31x31
Categories: New, Fog of War, Team Play
Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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likeok4 (11/06/2019 09:56am):
~ Double Dealing COs ~

{ Settings }
Funds: 1000
Fog: Any (Default is On.)
Weather: Clear
Powers: On
Teams: On
Tag: Off

{ Bans and Limits }
Banned Units: N/A
CO ban: Tier 0
Turn limit: 70 (Optional)

~ Optional CO Bans ~
Potentially any Entire Battlefield Ranged power COs: Hawke, Drake, Olaf and Kindle.
Area Power COs like Sturm, Von and Rachel are fair game. But can be banned if wanted.

There is only 1 Com Tower, in the center and will most likely get consistently contested, if needs be feel free to ban Javier, otherwise he doesn't pose much threat even with just the one.

{ Teams }
Orange: A
Blue: B
Green: B
Yellow: C
Black: C*
Red: D*
Grey: D*
Blaze: A*

* = Has 1 infrantry predeployed.

I didn't wanna add it at first since it feels completely wrong, and I know someone is going to tell me how horrible my choices were. But I guess you don't learn without mistakes. ^^

~ Version 1 ~
Wanted to try out a 2v2v2v2 map, at first I didn't know what to do map wise, but saw a lot that often people used shoals in their maps like so.
I decided to do the same especially since it's a road without it having to be one.
Whiles I ensured to try and keep the areas to have plains, forests and all that to ensure actual defense for players in center.
Ghost units were added incase people wanted to have Hamachi, since the settings are really never required, just what I'd recommend.
Ghost units were placed to block cities too close to a player's precaptured base, whiles also trying to let Hamachi actually have a form of use for his Super.
The outter used silos were originally going to actually be silos, but decided last minute against it. Might get removed in a future update to the map to not have deadspace, or maybe have labs?

I was debating to have labs on ALL of the used silos, precaptured.

Custom shorals better be on, lest yer eyes be damned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As always, I am open to discussion on my map(s) to improve them and myself as a Map Designer.
Meta Rexy (11/07/2019 12:01pm):
You already identified this but I think green and red should take red and Grey's positions
respectively. There will be FTA against red on both fronts as is.

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