Yugoslavia medium
Creator: Surto || First Published: 11/22/2019 || Players: 9 || Size: 35x33
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Surto (11/23/2019 04:57am | Edited: 11/24/2019 03:30pm):

Not sure if I should pipe Italy out or just leave it be.

The map still doesn't feel right, but I can't think about it anymore. Publishing now and maybe making changes later sometime.
Surto (11/24/2019 01:22pm | Edited: 12/23/2019 04:49pm):
I have deployed mechs on all bases to prevent recon / early HQ rushes and to get the action starting a bit faster.
I have also given all countries labs instead of HQs with some surplus ones, maybe the game will be more dynamic like this.

Here is information/stats on all countries:
(Note regarding [X-Y Properties]: X = Starting properties Y = Properties after the first few turns, speculated)

Macedonia, Kosovo and Montenegro are the three small powers in the south-east corner. I assume they will mostly ally or be
neutral to each other due to the threat of the larger powers looming above them, but hopefully there will be a little hostilities
over Albania, the neutral country; whoever owns the port gets access to the sea.
Despite their relatively small size, they aren't too bad off since the bases of the larger countries are a while away and mostly
pointed at each other. They all get an additional infantry so that they can expand faster.

OS (Macedonia) [6 - 9 Properties]
+First turn, good Albania colonization, potential sea access, only 1 neighbour
BM (Kosovo): [7 - 10 Properties]
+Second turn, potential Albania colonization, a little Serbia landgrab
AB (Montenegro): [6 - 9 Properties]
+Eighth turn, potential Albania colonization, Sea access & Mountain route

With a ton of funds, they can afford a lot of expensive and fancy units. They're also gonna have use for those since they have
a lot of neighbours (mostly each other). Early on in the game the smaller countries will grab some of their cities and probably
never let loose of them again, which means they have a little less funds after the first few turns.
Because of their size, they all have an additional base to help them fight and defend their fronts.

YC (Croatia) [21-11 Properties]
+ Awkard and hard-to-defend shape, most initial properties
GE (Bosnia & Herzegovina) [19-13 Properties]
+ Centre position, A lot of over-extended cities beyond chokey borders.
RF (Serbia) [19-16 Properties]
+ Many neighbours, one half is well-defended/isolated

These two powers have the fewest neighbours, their borders are extremely chokey and their income is moderate. They can
mostly just relax and amass funds until ready to expand outwards.

CI (Slovenia) [6-12 Properties]
+ Top corner position, low starting funds, Sea access, One Neighbour
TG (Vojvodina) [9-11 Properties]
+ Well-off starting properties, Two Neighbours
Gen.Rommel (12/03/2019 10:41am):
Ah, yes. The Balkan Wars were horrific, everybody hated each other, and there were lots of outside influence. I actually
made a "bedtime story" with this.
Gen.Rommel (12/03/2019 02:00pm):
You should probably get rid of Italy and add more airports

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