Sonic Mania
Creator: Neverzwijn || First Published: 12/03/2019 || Players: 10 || Size: 30x40
Categories: Sprite
Rating: 10.00 in 2 ratings
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Everzwijn (12/03/2019 04:08pm):
The first sprite map I ever made on here was of Sonic. So since I'm in a nostalgic mode, I figured, why not revisit the first one I made. And we've somehow actually been blessed with an amazing new 2D Sonic game since then, which is still kind of crazy to me. This is Sonic's victory pose from Sonic Mania.

I hope you like it. I might make maps of Mighty and Ray in the future.
Xmo5 (12/05/2019 10:42pm):
Man I missed these masterpieces.
Jackie Milton (12/06/2019 12:02am):
You should make the first render of sonic in the new movie.

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