Trouble in Pipe Valley
Creator: Surto2 || First Published: 12/06/2019 || Players: 10 || Size: 11x10
Categories: None
Rating: 9.50 in 2 ratings
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Surto2 (12/06/2019 12:37pm | Edited: 01/21/2020 05:39pm):
An intriguing game of diplomacy, betrayal and deception. Presented to you by Surto Boardgames Ltd.


Funds per turn: 10000
(else the Piperunners won't be able to heal)

CO Selection List (in order of highest to lowest threat level):
Grit: +1 range; +20% attack
Grimm: +30% attack; -20% defense
Sturm: +20% defense, -20% attack
Rachel: Repairs 3 HP at a time
Sonya: Hidden HP
Flak: Wildcard
Drake: No useful ability.
Meta Rexy (12/17/2019 12:17pm):
In fog this sounds kinda silly. IIRC piperunners have 4 squares of vision.
Literally any movement puts you in the crosshairs of 6 opponents with no defense from the
pipes AND you can't move back to it, so why would you move?
Surto2 (12/18/2019 02:24pm):
Piperunners have limited range, too, so you couldn't actually hit the opponents you can't see. Fog may lead to more
interesting gameplay as you don't know what the health of the fellows on the other side is, and moving would anyways be
suicide cause you get neither regen nor 4-star defense on pipetiles, so it's more of an end-game option.

I didn't think about that you can't move back on your HQ, that's a pretty good point. I'll replace them with bases, and I could
also possibly place some bases where currently pipetiles are to encourage movement.
Not sure if I should try to place everyone into shooting range of everyone else, or if it's fine if some people are out-of-reach?
Surto (01/14/2020 01:56pm | Edited: 01/23/2020 06:48am):

You will need to set funds per turn to 10000 in order for the Piperunners to heal properly.

(Ideas: Secret objectives for players, special objectives for COs?)

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