Max efficiency
Creator: Ilese || First Published: 12/24/2019 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: New, Innovative
Rating: 7.67 in 6 ratings
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Ilese (12/24/2019 04:03pm | Edited: 12/25/2019 10:23am):
Wasn’t suppose to build for Fow, but i think it is now.
(Btw i just found out that every map have ghost reefs is always 10/10)
GabrielTheDoggo9078 (12/26/2019 01:09pm):
I legitimately can't tell which starting base would be more efficient.
I don't know what ghost reefs do, and I haven't yet play tested, but I'll give this a 7/10 for now, judging by property placement,
pre-deployed units and placement (Why a cruiser?), and terrain variety. Honestly, the center is a bit plain for my tastes, but
that's just me. (yes, pun was intended)
Ilese (12/26/2019 01:11pm):
This is what cruiser do
Ilese (12/26/2019 01:14pm):
And seriously need to change the FTA counter, that base is so op, it gonna be FTA or STA nonetheless.
I gonna tweak this up a little bit right after play test.
Ilese (12/27/2019 12:10am | Edited: 12/27/2019 09:41am):
Change log:
-reposition starting port so that island (?) base connected to mainland directly. (However blocked by pipe)
-Reposition Towers to the side because lack of contests there.
-Changed the center, now with sea water.
* its have some HQ rush potential in day 5, (maybe bridge can stop it, or slow it down)
arazor (02/13/2020 07:49am):
Good map, but there is an extra soldier when the game is starting for blue team.
Is that normal?
Ilese (02/13/2020 11:53am):
Yes that’s normal
SonjaTheSuperior (03/20/2020 12:09pm):
The extra soldier is to counter first turn advantage. In this way P2 is ahead on half the bases and P1 is ahead on the other half.
MindOfTheSwarm (03/24/2020 12:57pm):
A map that require the exact correct moves early on. Games are won extremely quickly if one player steps out of line even
once. For Pros only.

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