Another Europe Map 🙄
Creator: clord666 || First Published: 12/29/2019 || Players: 10 || Size: 47x43
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Rating: 9.00 in 6 ratings
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clord666 (12/29/2019 02:29pm | Edited: 12/29/2019 02:34pm):
Inspired by the classic "European Diplomats" by Pincer_Strike (
That map is played so much I thought I'd make another version for people who'd like to try something slightly different.
This one is 10 player, has airports, labs instead of HQs and slight property count/location differences.

Enjoy and feel free to comment!
Surto (12/30/2019 12:41pm):
Schreck (01/22/2020 07:27pm):
These dimensions are larger than the default max. How did you get them?
clord666 (01/22/2020 11:59pm):
Using the upload maps option, you can make up to 50x50 but its not recommended and any edits you make may not be saved.
Schreck (01/23/2020 12:38am):
ok thanks
Surto (01/23/2020 06:55am | Edited: 01/28/2020 05:06pm):
Surto (03/02/2020 02:10pm):
Scandinavia poorest country in world, is like being potato peasant on sub-arctic in the 1500s.
When will get oil money!?
Meta Rexy (04/14/2020 09:11am | Edited: 04/14/2020 09:12am):
OS and BH are weaker than in the original map with airports thrown into the mix. They
practically need alliances to survive at all, especially since one of their bases can easily become
artillery locked by neighbours.
CI basically only has BM to fight due to awkward port placement and can easily overwhelm him
with a lack of neighbours to divert his attention (green will be too busy with others)
clord666 (04/19/2020 06:04am):
Based on the tests I agree with OS being too weak.
BH may be weaker than original map but I disagree they are too weak here.
If BM has alliances they can hold of CI. If BM allies with CI they can help offset attacks from a combined BH+GE assault.
So I'm not going to nerf CI, and that would create the same problems with the original TG.
I tried giving landers so CI has more options. If that proves insufficient I'll add a port bridge.
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