World of Tank (with Aircraft) - Acid Snow
Creator: Ilese || First Published: 02/10/2020 || Players: 9 || Size: 21x21
Categories: Toy-Box
Rating: 5.50 in 2 ratings
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Ilese (02/10/2020 10:55am | Edited: 02/11/2020 12:57am):
This map is for perma snow and FoW. Infantry and mech are banned, all those properties are for decoration except bases and
airport. Well technically each player have a spare city (airport) to repair and refuel if they have a chance to do that.
*Each player can only have 2 units per games* (GS and BH have those Black Boat for refueling but their lab will be captured
right after they lost all aircraft). AC mechs will capture your base when you finished building your second unit.
Income per turn is 2k, you can freely choose when to building your units.
The game victory conditions are:
- Wipe out the entire enemy units, which is 8.
- Success to gain 100 capturing points.
* Point: you can gain capturing points when your unit stay inside the big shoals - which is surrounded by city and enemy
tower. Each player will only be count as one capturer even he/she have more than one unit in the ring.
** COs Points:
—10 points per day: Grit, Kanbei, Sturm, VB, Javier
— 20 points per day: Hawke, Eagle, Lash, Sensei, Kindle, Hachi, Sasha, Colin, Jake, Grimm, Jess, Sonja, Nell.
— 30 points per day: Adder, Drake, Andy, Koal, Flak, Jugger, Rachel, Sami.
*Of course Olaf gonna get banned because of such weather.
* Defense your ring: Damage the capturing enemy unit will make that one player lose all their capture points. You can also
postpone capturing by putting your unit inside the ring, it will also work if your unit only make it to the rear -cities and tower-
Reminder, it just postpone the capturing, you need to damage them to properly deny the capture.
- In case both team don’t reach 100 points by the end of day 30, the game will be decided by the points they are having, if they
are also equal, we move to units count, and the last one is unit value.
AC gonna be Javier.
DibsRazell (02/12/2020 10:45am):
When capturing, is either shoal fine, or does it specifically need to be one on the enemy side? The wording is a tiny bit
ambiguous that's making me doubt.
Ilese (02/12/2020 12:53pm | Edited: 02/12/2020 12:56pm):
It have to be the enemy side. About the concern of enemy indirect (Grit’s) AR gonna fire silo near the end game, around day
20ish, AR gonna decide when to laugh and announce it in game messages.

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