Settlers of Phantom
Creator: clord666 || First Published: 04/06/2020 || Players: 10 || Size: 50x50
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clord666 (04/11/2020 02:17am | Edited: 07/06/2020 08:07am):
Eight Settlers have found themselves transported to a new land, a Phantom Domain!
This land is under the control of 2 Gods; the God of Games Orange Star and the Mysterious God of The Forest Blue Moon.
These Gods will play a mod role and will not attempt to win or break the rules, they will ensure the game goes as planned.
They will be referred to as mods or OS and BM respectively from this point, while the other countries will be referred to as
If a player has their WIN condition fulfilled, OS will alert the rest of the players through broadcast and will eliminate all losers
through means of the SouthWest HQ area (non losing players will set draw). If a player has their DEFEAT Condition filled OR
DELIBERATELY BREAKS THE RULES they will also be eliminated by OS. OS will not capture the HQs for any other reason.

Phantom Domain Rules (copied from Observer's revised Phantom Domain Map -
maps_id=70198, with a few edits to suit my version)

~~~~~~~~~~SET UP~~~~~~~~~~

Fog: On
Weather: Clear
Funding: 1000 per turn (Standard Funds) and 0 Starting Funds
Power: On
Bans: Black Bomb
Lab Units: Megatank, Piperunner, Stealth

Sonja Banned (Gives Vision to sections sealed off from players by the pipes)
Grit, Kanbei, Sensei, Hachi, Colin Banned (Broken Five Banned)
Sturm, Rachel, Von Bolt, Drake, Hawke, Kindle Banned (Damage Abilities)
Sasha Banned (COP causes issues for BM, and is OP for FFAs)

OS has to be Javier (for high defense Mod Units, explained later) and BM has to be Olaf (to create snow with COP as part of
[events], also explained later).
NO PLAYER IS ALLOWED TO PLAY OLAF (due to possible abuse of damage SCOP).
Players may choose to play Javier if they wish.
Mod may make a game-rule to ban Javier or set up abilities to restrict Javier's access to towers for balance purposes.

Set the game up as a free for all.
The game is not truly free for all however due to the presence of roles (refer to roles for more information) (refer to gameplay for
more information).


The Map consists of a main octagonal playing area which has a circular Forest Area in the centre, which I have indicated in this
picture (the circular Forest Area consists of everything inside AND covered by the red line. It does not include any of the plains
or OS labs on the edge of the circle. The Main octagonal play area consists of everything inside the straight red lines but NOT
including the straight red lines):

The main area is for players to fight and conquer, and the circular Forest Area (which included terrain besides only forests) is
also open for players to interact with but there are a few different things that might occur there, which will be explained later.
Outside the main area are the 4 sections (SouthWest, NorthWest, NorthEast and SouthEast Corners) used by the mods for
managing the game, player expansion, funding and for hosting minigames, which are seperated from the main area by pipes.
Due to the map size limit these areas are a bit jumbled, even compared to Observer's phantom map. However players should
not try to take advantage of this and player units from the main octagonal playing area MUST NOT interact with any units
outside the main playing area (this will constitute a rule breach, and offending players will be removed by OS capturing their
The Piperunners block off OS's mod unit spawning areas and also count as being outside the main playing area so MUST NOT
be attacked. Due to 1333 bug on turn 1 OS needs to spawn 6 piperunners to block of the South-East and South-West corners.
All the corners have a spawn area for OS's mod units (explained later), consisting of 5 bases and 6 airports, but the corners
also have other functions which will be explained in the next 4 posts.
clord666 (04/11/2020 04:41am | Edited: 07/03/2020 01:36pm):
===South-West Corner (SW Corner)===
If a player is actively trying to break the rules, is considered defeated, or another player's victory condition is met, the infantry
shown in the linked image to be on the HQs in this area will remove that player from the game. If a player breaks the rules OS
will warn them and possibly capture their HQ depending on if the rules were broken deliberately, the extent of the rule break
and if the player has previously broken the rules.
There are also numerous missile silos in the SW corner which OS can use in the game for various purposes including [Events].

Due to 1333 bug the HQ and Missile infantry are not predeployed so OS must use the bases in the spawning area to deploy
those infantry, with priority given to HQ infantry. OS will only fill the first diagonal of missiles with infantry as shown in the linked
image, and if they need to use the other missile silos they will move their infantry the very next turn after using those silos. This
is so OS does not have extra vision on players near the SW corner.

The SW corner also has the Phantom Expansion Area at the bottom-left corner of the map. On day 1 OS MUST spawn tanks
on all of their bases. On day 2 OS will move all of their tanks down 1 space onto the player bases WITH THE EXCEPTION of
the base belonging to the player(s) with the Phantom role (discussed later). They will also respawn tanks on the now-empty
bases, then delete the tank above the base(s) belonging to the player(s) with the Phantom role.
If the player(s) with the Phantom role capture another player's HQ, the base they gain in this area will be recaptured by OS
On day 2 and onwards the player(s) with the phantom role may at their leisure spawn infantry on their base to cross into the
area above (via the black tiles) with the neutral properties to capture them for additional income/tower firepower.
The phantom will not try to capture OS's empty base.
The phantom will not spawn any unit in this area besides infantry.
No Player may spawn any unit in this area on day 1.
Doing any of the above WILL constitute a rule breach.
clord666 (04/11/2020 04:45am | Edited: 05/04/2020 01:07am):
===North-West Corner (NW Corner)===
The NW and NE corners contains the Player Expansion Area.
Due to the map size limit the Player Expansion Areas are a bit jumbled up like jigsaw pieces and spread over 2 corners, but
they function almost identically to Observer's phantom map (however with some modifications which are discussed below).
OS recon and Megatank will not attack the infantry here but serve as a blockade, and they will both move back 1 space each at
the cost of 1 token [Under Standard Conditions]. (See tokens appendix for more details).

[Under Standard Conditions] or [USC] refers to rules or abilities that are described in this map page posts, but may be modified
by game-specific roles, events and abilities. Game specific roles/abilities/events may modify only the rules or set of rules where
[UTC] is included, and when it does so, it will take precedence over what is described in the map page posts. Noting "[USC]" in
these posts does not necessarily mean there will be abilities/roles/events that modify what is written, but there MAY be.

OS's units will stop moving back when they end on OS bases (In the case of PC's Expansion Area, due to lack of space the
recon will need to be deleted for the final backwards move).
Players have a starting infantry and a base in their Expansion Area, and they may choose to build additional infantry [USC].
For example, if they unlock the entire expansion area at once, they may choose to continually build infantry to capture all the
properties as fast as possible. However, Players may only build infantry and any other build will constitute a rule breach.
If a player is defeated by another player capturing their HQ, OS will move their recon and megatank back to their original
position and spawn infantry on the now-vacated bases to recapture the Expansion Area properties [USC].
The player who captured the HQ may choose to spend tokens to retain those Expansion Area properties, or can spend tokens
to unlock them later since they can now spawn infantry in the defeated players Expansion Area [USC] (however even without
spending tokens they may get a few turns of additional income and firepower while OS finishes recapturing those properties).

The NW and NE corners also contain the APC Lottery.
At the start of the fifth day and every five days afterwords, OS will publicly announce the winner(s) of the APC Lottery, but not
what they win [USC].
So to be clear, the lottery is WON by the position of the player's APC at the START of OS's turn on days 5, 10, 15, etc. and they
will announce the winner on that same day.
To play the game, move your APC into one of the three available forest positions in your lane (top, middle or bottom).
For reference all Player APCs start in the middle position, moving up 1 spaces puts the APC in the top position, and moving
down 1 space (from the starting middle position) puts the APC in the bottom position.
The players in the position with the least number of APCs are the winners [USC].
Due to the map size limits, the lanes do not line up nicely like in Observer's Phantom Domain map so OS will have to compare
across the diagonals, but otherwise it works the exact same.
Prizes scale upwards for being the sole winner [USC].
Prizes are up to the OS's discretion (e.g. tokens in the early game and abilities or Mod Units later on).
clord666 (04/11/2020 05:04am | Edited: 04/11/2020 05:15am):
===North-East Corner (NE Corner)===
The NE corner contains the Player Expansion Area and APC Lottery, as described in previous NW Corner Post.
It also has 2 other functions.

There is the Progression Area in the NE corner sealed of by pipes, that contains neutral towers for OS to capture as the game
progresses. OS will start capturing a neutral tower on days 9, 19, 29 and 39 [USC] This allows OS's mod units to get stronger
as players get stronger. OS's max strength is 7 tower Javier reached on Day 40 until the conclusion of the game [USC].
There are also BM bases and infantry in that area. This is to capture an OS tower if OS is required to capture a tower in a
players Expansion Area, so OS does not get too much towers at once.
While this will mean BM will have extra towers, it won't make as big a difference because they are Olaf.
If a player is going to capture an OS tower in a player Expansion Area, OS will immediately start capturing a tower in the
Progression Area so they are not weakened. In these situations, as well as on days 9, 19, 29 and 39, OS will capture a BM
tower in the Progression Area preferentially (if there is one) so neither BM nor OS should cover up their towers.

The NE corner also contains some ports and an empty ocean next to the airports in OS's mod unit spawn area.
This is for BM to build carriers so OS can sink them with bombers to charge BM's COP. BM's COP should always aim to be full
as long as BM has the income to spare and OS is not using the spawn area to send mod units for other game purposes.
clord666 (04/11/2020 05:23am | Edited: 04/15/2020 02:36am):
===South-East Corner (SE Corner)===
SE Corner also contains some ports and empty ocean next to the airports in OS's mod unit spawn area so BM can build
carriers and OS can sink them to keep BM's COP always charged (even after multiple uses requiring more funding loss to

The SE Corner also contains the Quest Area, OS's second minigame.
On day 9, 19, 29, etc., players MAY choose to build an APC on the base in the SE Corner Quest Area (participating in this mini-
game is optional for players) and OS MUST build 3 megatanks on their bases in the SE Corner Quest Area.
Building any other unit is a breach of rules, and BM will destroy that unit with Battleships they can build in the nearby ports.
Building any unit on a different day is also a breach of rules and carry the same consequence.
For the next 7 days (days 10,11,12,13,14,15 and 16) players attempt to get their APC onto OS's lab in the SE Corner Quest

At the game's conclusion (explained later, however a game round is from day 9 to 19, 19 to 29, etc. regardless of the conclusion
day) OS will delete their megatanks and spawn 3 new ones on their SE Corner Quest Area bases. Players with APCs
remaining in the forests may move them back to their starting base to be refuelled or adjacent to the newly spawned mega
tanks to be destroyed or keep them somewhere in the forest as a "head start" for the next round. On day 19 players MAY
choose to build another APC for the next round ONLY IF their APC has been destroyed in the previous round (players may
NOT have multiple APCs in play at once, and cannot delete APCs without mod knowledge).
BM will destroy APCs built by countries whose APCs have not been destroyed by OS in the previous round and it will constitute
a rule breach.

The game concludes at the end of day 16, 26, etc. OR if a player reaches OS's lab (however the game round will regardless
end on day 19, 29, etc. and the next round will then commence).
Players MUST NOT have their APC on their starting base for consecutive days (e.g. if you spawn an APC on day 19, you must
move it on day 20. If you move the APC back onto your lab on day 14 you must move if off the base on day 15) so BM can tell if
a second APC is spawned. If the game has concluded and a player's APC survived, the player may move it adjacent to their
base and only move it onto their base on day 19, 29, etc.
OS will not put a Megatank on the SE Quest Area lab but will otherwise do their best to ensure no winners.
Players will not move their APC onto another players base.
OS will announce the results of the minigame on day 19, 29, etc. (whose APC was destroyed during the game, at the end of the
game, remains in the forest or is being refueled, and if there was a winner) but NOT the rewards if there was a winner [USC].

If the game concludes with no winner (i.e. no player reached OS's lab) there will be no reward, however there may be a penalty
or Global [Quest] at the discretion of OS (e.g. if OS defeats all the players active in the round, they may ask BM for a Snow
If a player is the winner, they will be given prizes and/or a reward [Quest] at OS's discretion.
However, payment for completing a reward [Quest] are generally more lucrative than winning the APC Lottery.
Payments will scale with difficulty of the quest.
Players will be told the requirements and the payments of a quest and its up to the player whether they accept.
Players should inform OS when they have completed the quest (OS and/or BM MUST be able to verify completion).

Some Examples:
[Worship] OS at 3+ Temples for the 2 next consecutive days for [Worship] (days 25, 30).
Reward: You will learn the identity of another player of your alliance.
Kill 10 Dullahans.
Reward: You will be allowed to send a single free Stealth (that can hide) mod unit against a target country.
The reward expires 10 days after Quest completion.
clord666 (04/11/2020 08:01am | Edited: 10/26/2020 07:19am):
===Main Play Area=== & Gameplay
The main play area will normally start out as a eight-way free for all with the final goal of each player being to complete their
roles victory condition/conditions. Players are encouraged to form diplomatic groups as they try to complete their role's victory
condition. Players are allowed to interact with mod units WITHIN THE MAIN PLAY AREA however they would like.
Players are defeated if another player captures their HQ or has their defeat condition fulfilled (in which case OS will capture the
losing players' HQs).
Players are also defeated if they boot, quit or break the rules to an extent where OS has to remove them by HQ capture (please
dont do any of those things). Resignation is not permitted as it often denies the conquering player the spoils of war.
If a player loses all their units in the main play area and all their bases, they can show a screenshot of this to the mod and
asked to be removed by HQ capture in the SW corner. Defeated players may no longer participate in the games, send
messages or use their powers.

Due to the 1333 bug, OS will spawn the remaining subs in their ports in the Main play area ASAP (given they have the funding),
then dive them for the duration of the game to give them some vision [USC].

There MAY be multiple winners, multiple losers and multiple survivors (players who are not defeated at the game's conclusion,
but do not meet their victory conditions when one or more other players have).

The main play area also has Temples of the God of Games (OS Labs), and players may interact with these in 2 ways:
1) [Worship]:
At the start of the fifth day and every five days afterwords, a player with any unit atop a temple will be rewarded with a token per
lab [USC]. Tokens will be recorded by OS and will be sent to the player in a private press message [USC].
2) [Desecration]:
You may capture mod labs however this will mean it can no longer be a place of [Worship] (USC).
Players who commit [Desecration] will also no longer be able to [Worship] from any other Temples (OS Labs) regardless of
whether or not they capture any additional labs, or have the lab captured by another player (USC).
The God of Games (OS) will also retaliate against [Desecration] of their temples with the [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse]
(sending 2 neotanks and 2 bombers against the player who committed [Desecration]) (USC) (Refer to Mod units section for AI).
Players who commit [Desecration] will automatically gain the [Forbidden Fruit] ability as long as they retain a lab, which allows
the player to build megatanks, piperunners and stealths (USC).
Players who capture a lab from another player automatically gain the [Forbidden Fruit] ability without committing [Desecration]
(so will not have the [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse] sent against them).
A player who has committed [Desecration] may commit [Desecration] again on a different temple (USC).

The Main Play Area also contains the Forest (as mentioned in the first post) which players can enter as they wish (USC), but
has some special inhabitants who may be dangerous to budding explorers.
Not everyone who goes in, comes out...

At the centre of the Forest is the Altar to the Mysterious God of the Forest (BM Lab), and players may interact with it in 2 ways:
1) At the start of ANY day, a player may have any unit atop the Altar.
Reward: Unknown.
2) A Player may capture the Altar.
Penalty: Unknown.

The Forest also contains Lairs (bases) and Sky Caves (Airports) from which Monsters (BM Units) emerge (USC) - this is
explained further in the Mod Units section.
These units wander the forest and are dangerous to players who enter their vision, but luckily they do not leave the forest
(USC) (refer to Mod units section for AI).
The Lairs and Sky Caves are protected by Guardians (BM Megatanks). Due to 1333 bug they do not all start on the correct
tiles, so BM will move move them to to cover the Lairs and Sky Caves within the first 3 turns.
Guardians do not move off their Lair or Sky Cave except to allow a monster spawn (explained later) but will attack any adjacent
player unit (USC). They will prioritise moving back when the Lair or Sky Cave is not spawning OR there are player units nearby,
over any other action. If a Guardian is running low on fuel/ammo or is damaged, BM will send another one from the nearest non-
spawning Lair. BM will make sure to be always having a full hp megatank on the base/airport or en route to the base (so even if
there are 5 damaged megatanks around a base, BM will still send another full hp one). Excess megatanks are deleted once a
full hp megatank is back on the base or airport. BM will make sure to defend the base/airport, but if it is captured they will not try
to avenge it or something, and all excess megatanks are deleted next turn.
If a player is capturing a BM base or airport, BM will prioritise killing that unit.
clord666 (04/11/2020 10:38am | Edited: 04/15/2020 11:28am):

Tokens Appendix:
Everyone starts with zero tokens and tokens can be gained in several ways such as:
- [Worship] (refer above post)
- APC Lottery (refer ===North-West Corner (NW Corner)=== post)
- Role Abilities - (See examples under Roles.)
- Donation from Another Player - At any time, you may private press message OS and choose to donate any number of tokens
you have to another player. It will serve as an active ability in the process order.
Possible uses include diplomacy or throwing other players off your trail by randomly changing your token count.
You may choose to donate anonymously or allow the mod to include your country. By default it is anonymous.
Token count can go to negative, but any requests are dealt with at the point the mod processes them (so if you had sufficient
tokens to complete a request at the time of sending the request, but then lose tokens by some other players ability or other
reason, your request will not be completed).

There may be other ways tokens may be gained, but OS will always press message a player when their token count changes.
Tokens can be used as a currency between players, and can be sacrificed to OS to for the following services.

Token Services (USC):

1 Token - Player Expansion Area
Moves OS recon and megatank back by 1 space. (You may use this ability on other countries but if you don't specify it will be
assumed you use it on your own.)

1 Token - Anonymous Mod Message
Private Press Message OS, they will broadcast your message anonymously. If you want you can also ask OS to send a private
message to given player(s). Target player(s) of anonymous private messages can reply to the user of this service in the same
turn they receive the message through OS.
ONLY send the message, the subject will always be set by OS as "Anonymous Mod Message".

2 Tokens - Sub Intel
Target a country and OS will private press messages you a link to an image of OS's vision within the main play area from the 2
subs closest to the target countries HQ. (You may share the link freely if you choose to).

2 Tokens - Piperunner Intel
Pick a corner (e.g. NW Corner) and OS will private press messages you a link to an image of OS's vision within the main play
area from the piperunners that block off OS's main spawning area in that corner. (You may share the link freely if you choose

2 Tokens - Mod Lab Information - OS messages you with all information of the current units on top of all OS labs. Info includes:
Country, Fuel, Ammo, Health and Unit.

3 Tokens - Helper Unit Purchase Log - The mod messages you with the purchase history of mod units of target country up to
the current day. (Includes day sent, where it was sent, and what unit was sent.)

4 Tokens - Activate Mod Piperunners - Message Mod a country. For the next five days, Mod piperunners will be allowed to
attack units of that country WITHIN THE MAIN PLAY AREA (You may choose to target your own country). Piperunners target to
do the most cost damage within what they can see (vision from other mod units in play may be used, but OS will not use other
mod units for the purpose of gaining vision). Multiple countries can be the target of piperunners simultaneously (and cost
damage will remain the only tiebreaker for targeting).

OS Helper Units (refer to Mod Units Section for AI)
Message OS a country and OS will sends the chosen helper unit towards that country's HQ (USC). They will be built at the mod
unit spawning area closest to the target country's HQ (USC). Players may choose to target themselves but CANNOT target BM
or OS.
2 Tokens - Mod Anti-Air
2 Tokens - Mod Battle Copter
3 Tokens - Mod Tank
3 Tokens - Mod Fighter
4 Tokens - Mod Medium Tank
4 Tokens - Mod Bomber
5 Tokens - Mod Neotank
6 Tokens - Mod Mega Tank

There may be other ways tokens can be spent, depending on quests, abilities and roles.
clord666 (04/11/2020 11:03am | Edited: 10/26/2020 07:14am):
~~~~~~~~~~Mod Unit Section for AI~~~~~~~~~~

Different types of mod units will have different AIs. Some mod units have already had their AI fully explained, but those who
have not will be explained here.

[Four Horseman of the Apocalypse] (USC)
OS sends 2 neotanks and 2 bombers towards the player that committed desecration as retaliation.
OS will target the largest cost concentration of units belonging to the offending player that they can see.
OS will have full control of these units (so can choose to avoid forests if they wish) to cause as much damage IN TOTAL as
possible (e.g. if mod has vision of a single AA and multiple Md tanks, mod MAY choose to target the AA to keep their bomber
alive and killing longer. OS may also delay sending the Four Horsemen by a couple turns to coincide with the capture of a

Should they reach and destroy everything in the target region, they will target any nearby bases belonging to the offending
player as well, and if they eliminate all targets they will move off to continue attacking target players units that can be seen by
any OS mod units (OS and BM do not share vision).
These units WILL NOT enter The Forest however (central Forest Area).

OS will not attempt to refuel these units and should any of these units run out of ammo or fuel, OS will continue using them for
vision and/or shielding.
OS will build these units at the Spawning Area closest to the target area, and should the spawn area these units are attempting
to exit be blocked off by the units of ANY player, OS piperunners will destroy those units to allow the [Four Horseman of the
Apocalypse] to exit.

Should any unit of a Player who is not being targeted by the [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse] end turn adjacent to these
units, they will be warned once then attacked the second time, but this does not carry over between separate dispatches of the
[Four Horseman of the Apocalypse].

If the offending player is defeated, OS will destroy these units.

OS Helper Units (USC)
OS will send the chosen helper unit towards the target country's HQ until these units are killed or run out fuel or ammo.
Should they reach the target players HQ, they will target the bases as well, but if they eliminate all targets in vision they will
remain on the HQ (or adjacent if multiple Helper Units are sent), i.e. unlike the [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse] they will not
travel to another area of the target player.

These units use vision seen from the sub and piperunners closest to the target country ONLY, as well as other vision of all other
OS units in the region. They will also NOT use the vision of BM Monsters.
These units WILL NOT enter The Forest however (central Forest Area).

OS will not attempt to refuel these units and should any of these units run out of ammo or fuel, OS will destroy them on the
next turn.
OS will build these units at the Spawning Area closest to the target country, and should the spawn area these units are
attempting to exit be blocked off by the units of ANY player, OS piperunners will destroy those units to allow the OS Helper
Units to exit.

OS Helper Units will not attack units of any country besides the targeting country, so may be blocked off (once exiting the
spawn area) or destroyed by other players without retaliation.

If the target player is defeated, OS will destroy these units.

While OS Helper Units are travelling toward the target country's HQ, they will avoid forests.
OS Helper Units will prioritise attacking units then travelling towards a unit of the target player in vision then moving toward the
HQ of the target player.
If multiple targets are in vision but not in attack range, OS will travel to the square that puts them in closest movement range to
any target unit and will not avoid forests.
If multiple targets are in vision and attack range, OS Helper Unit will target the unit which gives the maximum result of the
following formula: Damage Dealt ($) - Damage Taken ($) - 5000*Forests Required to Travel Through.
When a unit is selected, OS Helper Unit will move to minimise travel through forests where possible.
clord666 (04/11/2020 12:27pm | Edited: 10/26/2020 07:09am):
~~Mod Units Section for AI Continued~~

Monsters (BM Units) (USC)
Monster Spawns:
BM will roll a random 0-99 integer for each Lair or Sky Cave and depending on the number will spawn (USC):

Lair Spawns (Bases)
0 – 24 Nothing
25 – 49 Orc (inf)
50 – 64 Troll (mech)
65 – 72 Dire Wolf (recon)
73 – 79 Serpent (Anti-Air)
80 – 94 Dullahan (tank)
95 – 99 Titan (Neo Tank)

Sky Cave Spawns (Airports)
0 – 69 Nothing
70 – 84 Griffin (B-Copter)
85 – 99 Wyvern (Stealth that is never hidden)

BM will no longer spawn monsters (with the exception of guardians) from Lairs if there are 40+ BM land units in play, and will
no longer spawn Sky Monsters if there are 20+ BM air units in play.

For players who brave the Forest, there are many rich abandoned ruins ripe for plunder (USC) - the neutral cities and towers.
Players may also attempt to defeat the Guardians and capture the bases and airports (USC).

Monsters share vision, if any unit is in vision WITHIN OR DIRECTLY ADJACENT TO THE FOREST (excluding monsters) at
the START of BM's turn, BM will have full control over all nearby monster units (within 2 turns of the player unit).
In this case BM will prioritise protecting the Lairs then the Sky Caves then killing a unit, then causing maximum damage ($)
then move points to travel.
The phrasing "prioritise protecting" refers to using monsters to attack player units closer to spawn areas and/or blocking the
path of a Guardian.
BM may NOT use monsters (besides Guardians) for walling protection and may NOT delete monsters (excluding guardians)
UNLESS they run out of fuel or ammo.
When no units are in vision, the monsters move randomly (using a random number generator) from top to bottom, with the
exception of guardians who move on and off Lairs/Sky Caves for spawning purposes.
If an Orc (infantry) or Troll (mech) randomly ends turn on a ruin (city or tower) they will prioritise capturing it over moving
(unless a player unit is also in vision at the start of the turn) if it is abandoned (neutral).
However if any ruin (or airport/base that used to belong to BM) captured by a player is in vision at the START of BM's turn,
infantry and mech units ONLY will prioritise capturing the property over moving (unless a player unit is also in vision at the start
of the turn in which case BM has full discretionary control).

There may be other types of mod units that can be unlocked during a game.


Roles are given to players at the beginning of the game in the profile. Roles are random and are up to the OS's discretion to
allow the correction of handicaps and to give each individual player a speciality but players may choose to bluff their ability to
try to fool other players for their own purposes.

Roles are private press messages on the OS's day one.
*These examples include theoretical abilities, these are not the only possible roles and abilities are not locked based on what
alliance your role is.*

Alliance: Evil (Phantom)
Example Victory Condition: 1 All players with the "Good" alliance are defeated.2 At least one member of alliance evil survives.
3 No other victory condition is met.
Abilitiy_example_ability1: You may attempt to steal 1 to 6 tokens (at random) from another target country. The ability can be
activated on day5 and every 5 days afterward. (active)

Alliance: Neutral
Example Victory Condition: 1 Win APC lottery for 4 times. 2 Survive until condition1 is met. 3 No other victory condition is met.
Example Defeat Condition: You will be considered defeated if any player captures at least 3 HQs.
Ability_example_ability2: You will be warned whenever a player sends a mod helper unit after you. (This will be a private press
message including unit type and country who is sending it.) (passive)

Alliance: Good
Example Win Condition: 1 All players with the "Evil" alliance are defeated. 2 At least one good player survives. 3 No other
victory condition is met.
Ability_example_ability3: You have knowledge of all players token count. (rule)

clord666 (04/11/2020 12:31pm | Edited: 04/23/2020 03:01am):
~~~~~~~~~~Processing Order~~~~~~~~~~

For a fair game play OS will deal with all requests (mod service & active abilities & gifting) on their turns in received orders.
Passive abilities are dealt with in turn orders if activated at the same time. Rule abilities work automatically.
Processing order
1 Deal with rule breaches
2 Deal with movements for Phantom Expansion Area, BM COP Charging and SE Questing Area
3 Dealing with the requests of the day before (quests, Mod messages, etc).
4 Giving tokens for labs occupied (special)
5 APC lottery (special)
6 Deal with Rewards for Player Expansion (special)
7 Deal with Events
8 Activate piperunners
9 Move Mod units(The order is optimised as shown below):
9a: Piperunners attack necessary units (units blocking exit of mod units are prioritised over units a player has activated
piperunners against)
9b: Move [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse], who will move fully under OS's control
9c: Move OS Helper Units. These are under AI control and move as per the AI listed in the previous post. However the
MOVE ORDER will be optimised by OS' discretion (e.g. if a Mod AA, tank and Neotank have been sent, OS may move
the tank first because its AI target will also allow it to see into a nearby forest. Then move the AA because its AI target
kills a BCopter that puts a rocket in attacking range which is selected by the Neotanks AI).
HOWEVER, OS Helper Units have no interaction with [Four Horseman of the Apocalypse] units even if they are targetting
the same player. (e.g. If there is an AA in vision the OS Helper Unit cant especially target it to protect a Bomber).
Note: There may be other game-specific Mod Units which modify this subsection of the turn order.
10 Check Elimination & HQ capturing
11 Check Victory Conditions
12 Build Mod units
13 Take screenshots and other Intel

Press and Broadcasts are encouraged and you will have your tokens tracked for
you by the Mod.

Ideally OS will take their turn in a single go, however if he/she is unable to they do not interrupt the processing order if a player
message is sent during their turn (counted from when they start their turn), it will be processed on OS's next turn.
Players cannot pre-stage requests by more than 1 day (e.g. on day 12 PL cannot ask for their day 15 [Worship] token to be
spent on an OS Helper Tank).

Players may "chain" requests if it does not break the Processing order, but the action to come later will queue up at the end of
the processing line. Some Examples:
If on day 14 PC asks for their day 15 [Worship Token] to be used to expand their Player Expansion Area, they may do so as the
expansion is dealt with after APC Lottery tokens are distributed.
Another Example is:
Player: player1
Ability_example1: You get 1 token each time you unlock your SE Area.
Player1 got 1 token from the lab and used 1 token to unlock his SE
Area. He might send something like this to unlock all his SE Area next

"I'd like to unlock my SE Area once. I'd like to use my token to get
from Ability_example1 to unlock my SE Area. Repeat the process to
fully unlock my SE Area. I will gift 1 token got at last to player 2".

In that case player1's ability gives player1 tokens on the same day.
So a combo can be reached.

If ability_example1 is something like this: You get 1 token next day
each time you unlock your SE Area(passive), a combo cannot be reached
as player1 got his token on the next day.

In the existence of an ability like this: Ability_example2: A player
will lose 1 token each time his SE Area is unlocked. (passive)&
Ability owner takes turns later than player1(to have a lower priority
when passive abilites are processed), player1 will lose the token he
got and his combo requests cannot be dealt with due to a lack of
tokens. An active ability to deduct tokens from player1(activated
after player1's initial request) can break the combo as well since the
combo reuqest to unlock SE Area queues up at the end of the processing

3 Abilities activated at the beginning of the day(rule/passive or a
request taking effect at the day beginning) will be processed at the
day beginning.

BM Turn Order.
1 Events
2 Dealing with the requests of the day before (quests, Mod messages, etc).
3 Moving Fully Controlled Monsters
4 Moving Randomly Controlled Monsters.


Events could vary from game to game, but could include Snowstorms (BM using Olaf's COP), Asteroids (OS sending a missile
to a random location), etc.
clord666 (04/11/2020 12:31pm | Edited: 07/03/2020 08:34am):

--Leave a comment with any questions you have!--

Good luck with any games!!!!!

After consulting with another player, there is another rule added:
If a player deliberately and completely blocks a spawn area with stealths, OS will capture their HQ.

To clarify, the goal of any player is to achieve their own victory conditions. While it is ideal for all of your alliance members
(if any) to win together, you should prioritise your own victory where necessary.
clord666 (04/11/2020 12:32pm | Edited: 06/27/2020 08:30am):
~~~~~~~~~~Rule Clarifications~~~~~~~~~~

Regarding the Guardians (BM megatanks), BM will send another megatank if the original is running low on fuel/ammo but WILL
NOT delete the original until the Sky Cave (BM Airport) or Lair (BM Base) has the second megatank atop it.
Sky Caves and Lairs must have a guardian attending and BM will prioritise having the Guardian atop them over
spawning more monsters if they are in danger. If the original megatank is killed or damaged, BM will also respawn anther from
the same base if possible, otherwise from the nearest base. If a player unit is capturing or occupying the Sky Cave or Lair, BM
will send multiple megatanks, but if the megatank is under attack or dead but the Sky Cave or Lair is not occupied, BM will send
only one megatank (but will not delete the other megatank unless a full hp megatank can occupy the Sky Cave or Lair on the
same turn). BM will NOT engage in vengeance, they will use megatanks to defend the Sky Caves and Lairs but once they are
no longer BM properties, BM will not use megatanks for their defence (since it isnt theirs to 'defend' anymore) and will delete
the excess ones - BM will still try to recapture the Sky Cave and Lairs with other monsters, and if they do recapture they will
send megatank to reoccupy.
Basically it's not easy to capture the bases/airports in the Forest, it requires blitzing to avoid getting messy.

Regarding the SE Corner megatanks, OS will try to prevent any players reaching the lab, but their method of doing so is up to
OS's discretion as long as they do not put a megatank on the lab. Whether the megatanks even move is up to OS. For example
OS may choose to move 2 megatanks forward and keep one adjacent to the lab, or some other tactic. They will almost certainly
attack an APC if its next to them, reasons not to might be if multiple APCs are adjacent so OS attacks the one closer to the lab.

Capturing the Phantom's HQ will inherit the phantom's properties in the Phantom Expansion Area (located in the SW Corner of
the map), but NOT the Phantom role. ONLY the Phantom may build infantry in the Phantom Expansion Area, so the conqueror
CANNOT build infantry in the SW corner Phantom Expansion Area to capture any remaining neutral properties. OS will block
their empty base on his/her next turn.
The conqueror may of course choose to purchase the phantoms properties in the NW or NE Player Expansion Areas.
The player with the Phantom role will ALWAYS be evil.
There may be multiple players with the Phantom role - these players are all evil and can share the Phantom Expansion Area
how they wish.

Properties in the Player Expansion Areas (located in the NW and NE corners) do "stack". If you capture the HQ of a player who
has also conquered another player, you may unlock both the extra expansion areas with tokens.

Events and Global Quests will be a part of this game, but will start from day 5 onwards. Events are not unbalanced (e.g. an
event such as send 10 missiles at a random player will NOT happen).

Diplomacy is encouraged to occur using the Game Presses.
Reading some juicy PMs and getting a better understanding of what happened after
the game's conclusion is part of the fun.
Reminder that this is a game, and not to take anything too far or too personally of course.

Players may [Worship] at multiple labs.

A player may win by completing ALL his/her victory conditions OR by capturing every player's HQ not including teammates.
Evil Players may capture every non-evil player's HQ - i.e. all HQs belonging to good or neutral players.
Good players may capture every non-good player's HQ - i.e. all HQs belonging to evil or neutral players.
Neutral players may capture every other player's HQ - other neutral players are not considered teammates.
Accidental (or deliberate) capture of teammate's HQ is allowed.
The alternate victory means that if at some point every player currently not defeated belongs to the same alliance, those
players are victors (but neutral players do not count as sharing an alliance for this purpose).
So if the only remaining players are evil, those players are announced as victors.
It does not matter if one or more evil players have been defeated prior, or if an evil player captured another evil player's HQ
(deliberately or accidentally).
clord666 (04/11/2020 12:32pm | Edited: 07/06/2020 04:16am):
~~Rule Clarifications Cont.~~

There are 3 different end situations for players.
1. Being a victor
2. Being a survivor
3. Being defeated
(and there may be multiple victors, survivors and defeated players)

You should prioritise being a victor or one of the victors, being a survivor is like coming 2nd (or possibly equal 2nd).
If you are a survivor it means the game is over because some other player or players have won by meeting ALL their victory
conditions, but you have NOT met ALL your victory conditions AND NONE of your defeat conditions have been met.
If you are defeated, it means that during the game OR at the conclusion of the game, ANY of your defeat conditions are met.
Having your HQ captured will always be a defeat condition.

It is not possible (as far as I am aware) to meet ALL your victory conditions and ANY of your defeat conditions at the same
time, one will happen before the other (however you may not be aware that is the case).
For example, lets say a teammate captured the HQ of the final remaining evil player, but on the next player's turn his/her good
teammates HQ is captured by a neutral player (on the same day). The good teammate will be victor regardless, because
their victory conditions (assuming that any other victory conditions that may exist have been met) have already been met. This
does give FTA advantages, but without making this rule there may be a bunch of weird interactions. So players
should keep that in mind and try to make sure NONE of their defeat condition will be met before they can fulfil ALL their victory
conditions BEFORE other players can.

The game is considered concluded at the time of a player or multiple players meeting ALL their victory conditions, regardless of
if there are still players who haven't taken their turn for that day.
If you are defeated, you cannot be un-defeated.
For example, if a good player was defeated, and 10 days later the remaining good players all met their victory conditions, the
good player who was defeated is not undefeated.

There may be abilities (or quest rewards) that allow the gain, loss or modification of victory conditions or defeat conditions. Some
of the victory/defeat conditions that may be gained, lost or modified could be beneficial from an alliance perspective.
Players should be aiming to complete all their victory conditions as soon as allowable and making sure none of their defeat
conditions are about to happen. This is a much more reliable road to victory than hoping they will land a quest they can
complete that will do something to their victory/defeat conditions.
Quest rewards are up to mod discretion (but will be told to the player or players at the same time the Quest Reward is) so the
victory/defeat conditions a player is hoping to change may never even become subject to a Quest Reward.

Players of the same alliance may share the same victory/defeat conditions at the start of the game, or they may not. Unlike
Phantom Domain, the alliances are more common interests rather than true teams. As I said earlier, if you are defeated but
the remaining players of your alliance later become victors, you will not be un-defeated. You may of course choose to sacrifice
yourself for the good of your alliance if you wish.
The alliance members do however have SIMILAR victory and defeat conditions to each other, to promote alliance member
cooperation due to shared common interests. However I will add this info to clear any doubts.

ALL Players of Good Alliance share this Victory Condition:
1. All players from Alliance Evil are defeated.

ALL Players of Alliance Evil share this Victory Condition:
1. All players from Alliance Good are defeated.

There may or may not be additional victory conditions for Good and Evil Alliance
members, which may or may not be similar (or even exist) between teammates.
Abilities may also be gained, lost or modified through events, quests, etc. and may or may not be similar between teammates.

Mod cannot lie, but can't answer all questions and cant respond to all requests if they require mod to make decisions or will
result in extra info being given out.
E.g. A request in the format: "If X happens do Y" cannot be done.
Also please include all required info in mod requests.

Players will be told if they meet all their win conditions. If players complete only one of their win conditions, mod will not inform
them that they have done so at the time of completion.

Players have only one profile, they do not have multiple real profiles (players can make-up profiles and stuff like that), Therefore
its also not possible to switch between alternate profiles, but as mentioned previously parts of the profile (e.g. abilities) may
change. Profiles are made by OS from their perspective and the role name is supposed to give some hint or indication of
alliance and/or ability and it is part of the profile.
clord666 (04/11/2020 12:37pm | Edited: 07/03/2020 01:48pm):
~~Rule Clarifications Cont.~~

The winners of the public competitions (APC Lottery, APC Questing Minigame) will be announced, but not what they win. Global
Quests will be announced as concluded, but the winners will not be announced (though it is known what they won).

Clarification on HQ capture.
Capturing someone's HQ allows you to unlock their Player Expansion Area with token purchases, but does not give you their
properties outside the main play area. OS will recapture those other properties as soon as they are able (though the
conquering player may benefit from the extra income for a few turns, this cannot be avoided). Only the Player Expansion Area
properties of the defeated player can be unlocked. So for example, the base in the APC Questing Minigame area will be
recaptured by OS as soon as they are able (they will not capture it while the minigame is in play of course) but it cannot be
used by the conqueror. However, if a player captures the HQ of a player with the Phantom role, OS will re-capture the base in
the SW Corner if the conqueror does not have the Phantom role, but will not re-capture any cities/towers in the Phantom
Expansion Area (USC). This is to give some extra incentive/reward for capturing the Phantom's HQ, but does not let you
become the Phantom.

Global Events will be announced, and they can be triggered by player abilities, or player's meeting pre-set conditions made by
the mod prior to the game starting that are either known or unknown (e.g. Global Event X is triggered when 3 players are
defeated, Global Event Y is triggered when the Phantom fully captures the Phantom Expansion Area, Global Event Z is
triggered when the game reaches day 15, etc.).
Surto3 (04/18/2020 09:50am | Edited: 04/18/2020 09:50am):
Why is it called Settlers of Phantom?
Meta Rexy (04/19/2020 10:28am):
Holy crap this is the longest ruleset I've ever seen for an AWBW map
Looks incredible though :) would love to give it a go!
clord666 (04/20/2020 04:51am):
Surto it's called Settlers of Phantom because the players are settlers who are exploring the new land (the land is the main
play area of this map).

Good to hear Meta Rexy. It's a long ruleset but most of the rules aren't vital to be understood, and is mostly there to enhance
the game and offer different ways to play compared to vanilla FFAs. If you understand all the rules you can make best use of
the mod and your abilities. Otherwise you can play as a regular FFA as long as:
1. You do not boot/quit
2. You do not pick Olaf
3. Don't attack mod (OS and BM) units (e.g. the piperunners) outside of the main area (the area sealed in pipes).
4. Don't make illegal spawns in the corners (in bottom-right corner only build APCs on days 9, 19, 29, etc. if you do not have
an APC in that area at the moment - don't delete anything in that corner or build anything on any other day. In the other
corners only build infantry on day 2 or later if you can).
5. Remember that if you capture an OS lab, you will get 2 bombers and 2 neotanks sent after you (unless you have some
ability to modify that penalty).

I will start the game when I get confirmation from all players that the rules are read and understood.
clord666 (07/03/2020 08:30am | Edited: 10/26/2020 11:49am):
~~~~~~~~~~Library of example Profiles, Abilities, Quests, Global Events, etc.~~~~~~~~~~

Due to the profiles and abilities being much longer text than I expected, I will just upload the messages to this post.

First Game
Replay Download Link:

Messages Download Link (including Profiles, Abilities, Quests, Global Events, etc.):
clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:33am):
~~~~~~~~~~First Update of Map~~~~~~~~~~
clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:34am):
~~~~~~~~~~Possible Further Updates of Map~~~~~~~~~~
clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 10/27/2020 07:07am):
~~~~~~~~~~Results of Games~~~~~~~~~~

First Game: Phantom April 2020 (21/04/2020 to 26/10/2020)

Congratulations to Lord Percy of Good Alliance for being the Winner!

Full Results:

Grey Sky/a9977321: Chosen (Neutral Alliance).
Survivor following the game's conclusion.

Brown Desert/Surto3: Companion of Evil (Evil Alliance).
Defeated during the game.

Amber Blaze/Niiue: Expansion (Neutral Alliance).
Survivor following the game's conclusion.

Jade Sun/ChipCheap: The Spider (Neutral Alliance).
Defeated following the game's conclusion.

Cobalt Ice/InfernusMachine: Noble Army (Good Alliance).
Survivor following the game's conclusion.

Pink Cosmos/Dangerdoodledang: Timelord (Neutral Alliance).
Defeated during the game.

Teal Galaxy/Meta Rexy: Phantom (Evil Alliance).
Defeated during the game.

Purple Lightning/Lord Percy (Good Alliance).
Victor following the game's conclusion!
clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:37am):
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clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:37am):
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clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:37am):
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clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 11:37am):
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clord666 (07/03/2020 08:31am | Edited: 07/03/2020 08:35am):
~~~~~~~~~~Other Phantom Maps~~~~~~~~~~

Phantom Domain Alpha:
Phantom Domain Beta:
Phantom Domain:
Phantom Domain Pocket Edition:
Pocket version in use:
Phantom Domain_fix:

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