Tails Island
Creator: JJames19119 || First Published: 01/24/2006 || Players: 5 || Size: 40x40
Categories: Sprite
Rating: 8.81 in 16 ratings
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Melon (02/17/2006 06:20pm):
Very cute.
Codym (03/14/2006 07:26pm):
Someone has too much time on their hands.
Kody (08/21/2006 09:13pm):
Freaking Awsome.
jhuni (10/15/2006 07:44pm | Edited: 10/15/2006 07:45pm):
yes you gots to ♥ teh imbalance games yo !!111!1
jhuni (10/15/2006 07:44pm | Edited: 10/15/2006 07:44pm):
wtf double post
Pedro The Lion (07/10/2007 10:00pm):
GE rules, lash rules as GE
ColdFocus2 (08/23/2007 09:47am):
I think BH has a big advantage in being able to decide what to do and with their isolation.
I still like it though. 9/10

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