Yin/Yang, FOW Redirect
Creator: tehol || First Published: 05/13/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 36x36
Categories: New
Rating: 10.00 in 1 rating
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Shadow Star (05/13/2020 04:38pm):
I mean, missed Opportunity to use Black Hole and White Nova.
There's a lot of spaces where, it feels really empty. (just looking at random 3X3 spaces. there are a lot of these spaces that
don't have a whole lot going on. 24 property might be a little low with 5 of it being hidden behind, a rather vast ocean. The
airports might be slightly too close to the center? If so it's really minor though. Combat doesn't look bad though. Relatively
open spaces for fighting, Not a lot of property to capture right at the start can really help to promote a more aggressive
capture phase. Recon rushing looks like it could be a bit on the dangerous side with roads directly connecting, but it
shouldn't be as big of an issue with the size of the map.

I'm almost wondering if giving each player a starting black boat somewhere off in the ocean (something that's 1 or 2 days
away to help with spreading out the starting locations.
tehol (05/13/2020 07:42pm):
I have particular fondness for acid rain/purple lightning, but good point! Switched to black hole/white nova.

At first I had too many forests, so I removed a bunch. I might have made some others changes since you posted. Did you see
the landers I placed on the harbours?

To respond to your comments, I've cut up some of the open fields with mountains. I also moved the airports further away from
the center, while keeping them very "attackable" (arguably making them more attackable).

Also, I tried to reduce the risk of recon rush by replacing the corner cities with labs, and adding cities close to the home bases...
I don't think this screws up my FTA counter by replacing with STA ...

And thanks! It's my first map.
tehol (05/13/2020 08:07pm):
I've added some reefs to fill in the open ocean, too. The ocean is still a bit open, but I like that for the look... although I take
your point and I've moved the labs/cities from the corners, closer to the main island(s).

Black boats is a good idea - added them too.

One of my big hopes for this map was to have the all-unit terrain in the middle, and to use the sea both as a barrier and active
transport route. So sea, ground and air units can be potentially helpful in the center (with ghost units prevent using these ports
to build, which Walker taught me). Also, of course, ships can go around either side of the whole circle

The shoals are also placed in such a fashion so as to promote sneak attacks on HQs through the middle of the island... the
idea is that there are sufficient reefs that a lander or black boat can sneak through the middle of the map, and land right next to
HQ. Alternatively, it's possible to sneak around the island. The route is a little longer and the surprise is less, but you can pick
up a com tower on the way.

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