berg- och dalbana
Creator: AJF || First Published: 05/17/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 12x12
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AJF (05/16/2020 09:34am):
It can be a good idea to ban all tanks, since they could sit on the bases and make them very hard to capture (only footsoldiers can cross the mountains, and they are a poor match against any kind of tank).
AJF (05/17/2020 06:05pm):
It is hard for an opponent to steamroll you in this map, because it is hard for them to gain a significant income advantage, and you can impede their passage through to your strongholds for a long time given the chokepoints. Games on this map areā€¦ slow.
Shadow Star (05/18/2020 01:40pm):
There's, "technically" FTA. That is OS gets to build first, and nothing has been set up to balance that. I'm not entirely certain
that is a big difference since by the time combat really starts, each player should have their seven property, at about the
same speed, and been capturing equally. nevertheless, it's something to mention. Actually, something to be concerned
about would be the amount of funds players would have by the time they capture the port. Might be enough for a battleship
or Sub to set up the end of the game. That's going to cause problems I guess.

I'm not sure if a Tank is going to stop that since Mechs are a thing. (Less than half the cost, and probably attacking from +1
terrain defense) I'd be more concerned about an artillery carefully positioned and a bunch of mechs.
I don't think the funds are anywhere near high enough for ports to do anything on this map. there's only 7 property per side,
and more than likely almost all of that will go to the bases. The only places that the sea units can go is to the other side.
(Battleships are pretty much right out. If you want to support the idea of sea units a bit, I'd open up those mountains a bit
with some more sea. (Currently a lot of the mountains are dead space. that is, space that has no value to send units there.)
and possibly raise the property count a little bit. You could also have the side that has the base be a Forest path. This sets
up the idea that ground units besides infantry and mechs (and maybe the occasional artillery or possible Rocket at the end
of the game) might be ferried across with a Lander. If that's something you don't want, you can ignore that.

You are right that it's hard to steamroll, because it's all chokepoints, and infantry/mech, what it's going to lead to is a lot of
slow games where no one makes any headway, because it's easier to build units than attack with units. (stalemating the
game usually) I'd say that the map is definitely slow as you stated, but it doesn't look particularly interesting. Turning it into
an equal sided zurg rush instead of a carefully calculated game of chess. If that's the goal, then, you succeeded.

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