Highway 2 (AWBW Remix)
Creator: mphaller || First Published: 05/18/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 17x14
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Shadow Star (05/18/2020 01:52pm):
I think that 4 bases and 1 airport is really high considering there's only 7 extra property per side. There's going to be a lot of
infantry. With the map the size that it is, (17X14) Especially since there are 184 spaces that ground units can be on
(including mountains)
I think the fta counter is a bit, off. Like, right now it could go for the bottom city, but it could have done that from the closer
base. Putting it by the northern base, is still an FTA counter, but, it seems to be, I don't know, feels just slightly off.
I would probably suggest cutting 4 of the 8 bases. 2 bases and an airport should be enough for a map of this size. I'm also a
bit concerned that almost every avenue for combat is really only about 3 spaces wide, with some places where there's an
additional 2 space wide chokepoint.

My suggestions then are:
- Cut back on the bases to being 2 per side.
- Put a few more property towards the center line so there's more to fight over.
- possibly add a bit more plains or shoals to add a little more space for ground units to move.

-maybe put the fta counter infantry on the base? That's up to you I guess.
Surto (05/19/2020 12:52pm):
Or add MOAR towers + Fog

Guaranteed never choke when you can one-shot all infantry

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