Awe of She HF Remix (Original by Fugue)
Creator: Watchful_Eye || First Published: 05/20/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 26x21
Categories: New, High Funds
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Watchful_Eye (05/20/2020 08:20am | Edited: 05/20/2020 08:26am):
This is a High Funds remake of a map the user Fugue made in 2007. It was intended to encourage naval play, but some comments critizised that the funds may not be high enough for that. So I thought this layout might make a great high funds map. I did not change anything besides the FTA counters.

The original by Fugue:
Voice of Akasha (05/21/2020 02:36pm):
Neat remix of an old classic, but the HF FTA counter where both players start with 1 base + 1 infantry and a lab is usually
based on the starting infantry being able to capture both neutral bases. The way it is setup now, P1 will likely have some
advantage since he will be ahead in the capture of more than half the properties.
Watchful_Eye (05/21/2020 08:09pm):
Okay, so now I made both bases neutral. I guess this puts more weight on the other base. Did I understand your issue correctly?

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