Creator: Sami-YingXiangLi || First Published: 06/17/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 20x20
Categories: A-Rank, Global League, Base Light, Fog of War
Rating: 6.00 in 12 ratings
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Sami-YingXiangLi (06/17/2020 08:52am):
This is a fog map.It is more suitable for FoW games.
aLittleFishy (07/20/2021 07:46pm):
The properties that require pipe destruction or naval/air transports aren't very valuable considering the cost, also the comm
towers are pointless as each player will get one(because it is so close to their base), and will not allow the opponent to take it
(for the same reason), other than that a very well done map, especially with two bases, as those are sadly quite rare. 9/10

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