all out warfare
Creator: dopehead || First Published: N/A || Players: 4 || Size: 35x25
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Mahx (09/02/2020 02:41am):
YC and GE have disadvantages, maybe an infantry will do.
Anachronity (09/04/2020 09:36pm):
minor but very important asymmetry on the two-city islands in the center-left and center-right

The placement of shoals means BM and YC can threaten GE and OS with battleships later in the game, while GE and OS can't do the same.
Anachronity (09/12/2020 02:27pm):
Yeah, I put that strategy into practice and it's completely unfair.

YC and BM have a centralizing advantage against their southern counterparts in being able to build battleships to defend the contested cities near the shoals, and eventually push forward to cover one of their opponent's two starting bases. The middle-right and middle-left islands with two cities on them are placed so that submarines won't be able to reach the battleships.

The only defenses are to either rush to an airport and attack the battleships with copters/bombers, or else to basically waste money by building your own battleship with much less access to their own base.

Fix this by extending those side islands one space to the north and adding a patch of plains between the cities (or just a third city if you want)

YC and GE also need a counter to First-turn advantage. An extra infantry apiece would probably be fine.

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