Creator: dredge2 || First Published: 09/16/2020 || Players: 2 || Size: 22x16
Categories: A-Rank, Base Light, Fog of War
Rating: 4.20 in 5 ratings
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Dredge (09/16/2020 09:04am | Edited: 11/25/2020 12:52pm):
for fog

edit: fixed hq rush
Becomingprim (10/12/2020 08:02pm):
I feel like this map has a real problem with Sami cheesing by rushing the HQ early.
Either there should be a lander or Sami as a banned CO, and it does look like it's quiet easy to do that, from my
experience in a game I decided against it.
Becomingprim (10/13/2020 08:34pm):
Yeah, I can say it's definitely a problem on the map, I'd performed a test with success. And I can't see a lot of
ways this strategy can be combatted early even when you know it's coming. The terrain is okay for recons, but
you would need multiple and give up your early capture phase to even do so. This genuinely seems like the map
needs a minor fix in that regard. You effectively need to destroy the infantry that capping due to Sami's cap rate
Koalission (10/14/2020 03:05am):
Good catch. That does need to be fixed in order to make this map playable for fog. Even without fog, the non-Sami player would sacrifice its capture phase to defend the HQ as you pointed out.

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