15p Ultra Diplomacy
Creator: Yellowash || First Published: 09/29/2020 || Players: 15 || Size: 36x36
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Rating: 9.60 in 5 ratings
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Yellowash (09/29/2020 08:45pm | Edited: 09/29/2020 09:33pm):
This is a map for a diplomacy match, so there are no fixed teams (although it could also host a team match). There are 15 players. White nova is not there because its landers are needed to ghost the ports to form bridges. Those ports can be captured but they can't build units.

SETTINGS: Teams OFF, funds NORMAL, fog OFF, capture limit OFF, tag OFF, units banned: NONE, CO's banned: T0.

RULES: Be the last player or the last alliance standing. Every player can have up to 3 allies. To formalize an alliance, each player in the deal must send one of their units (doesn't matter which) to an empty 'embassy slot' in the other player's region. The embassy slots are the white tiles/empty silos. So each player has a capacity for three foreign units. While these units remain in the white tiles, that means they are your ally. Those units can help you defend against attacks so you can negotiate which units you want on your embassy to give them your allegiance. The same ally can occupy more than one slot, but you'll have less allies. Use the chat system to talk/negotiate with either everyone or privately to just one or a few people.

- Whether to delete or not units like blackbombs, for the partnership to remain.
- Whether to replace units in the embassy for weaker or stronger ones.
- Whether to exchange properties already owned.
- Organize an attack.
- Divide which properties each person will keep after eliminating another enemy or conquering a region.
- Persuade not to attack someone or to attack someone.

- Some nations don't have easily available ports, but they have more cities or a another nearby base.
- Cobalt up north has less threat and a lot of open space to conquer, but whether they win or not is up the how the alliances evolve throughout the game.
- Beware, some nations have ports close to each other.
- If you have a damage CO, consult with your allies whenever you want to use the power, or else you might affect diplomatic status.
- Be careful with your allies' units on the "embassies" (white tiles) because they can become your enemies without previous notice.
Suggestions to make it better are very welcome.
Surto6 (09/30/2020 12:48pm):
So, as I understand it, you can only negotiate with other people if you have an unit in their embassy, but simultanously you can
pull it out any time you want? What if someone has an embassy unit in your slot, can you simply destroy the unit? Do you first
have to destroy the unit before you can declare proper war on them? Can you sneak an embassy unit into someone's plot and
force them to be your ally until they have destroyed it?
Yellowash (09/30/2020 12:55pm):
Negotiations can be done with anyone, but the people who have embassies in your nation are the ones you have formalized an alliance with. Of course, like in real life situations, they can betray you and suddenly attack with those units, and right then you know they have become your enemy. So if you form an alliance but dont completely trust the other player, maybe you might negotiate for them to only place an infantry and let you place a tank in theirs, or idk. Its a way for all the players to know who's friends with who, but yeah, anything is possible.
If someone sneaks a unit in an embassy without there being previous talks in the chat about making an alliance, then they can certainly attack if they wish so.
Yellowash (09/30/2020 01:00pm):
Its wise to leave some of your units around just in case, because others might even plot an attack on you with those three foreign units. You can have a maximum of 3 allies but you can choose to have just 1 or 2 for example each with only one unit, weak or strong ones depending on what you allow, or one ally with 2 units or even 3. Any combination that sums to 3 units.
BattleshipInALakeMeme (03/30/2021 04:47pm):
To avoid the backstab effect you can just request that the ally sends an APC as embassy unit, since infantry can cap your HQ

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