Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue (2p)
Creator: Koalission || First Published: 10/31/2020 || Players: 16 || Size: 33x19
Categories: None
Rating: 9.17 in 6 ratings
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Koalission (10/31/2020 07:58pm):
Beneath the dirt, there's a war waging for control of the world above. Orange and blue have to capture HQ's instead of cities. Each HQ will give a different amount of income:

green- 22
acid- 22
red- 18
cobalt- 14
purple- 14
yellow- 12
grey- 12
amber- 8
jade- 8
teal- 6
pink- 6
black- 3
white- 3

Break out from beneath to continue capturing more cities.
(Sorry, even though this is technically a 16 player game, the only two having fun are orange and blue. The rest are just spectators as they have no pre-deployed units or bases. They are ants and bugs if you will.)
Surto6 (11/02/2020 04:33am):
You don't need 16 players to start a 2p map lol, and also HQ capture

Why not just replace the HQs of the redundant persons with cities like all the other sprite maps?
Koalission (11/02/2020 12:12pm | Edited: 11/02/2020 04:45pm):
Because every HQ captured gives one of the 2 active players a different amount of income.
Gusosaurus (11/13/2020 11:21am | Edited: 11/13/2020 11:22am):
this map'd be great in the original game, if it had that many players, because the AI would immediately skip, and you wouldn't
have to wait absolutely forever. If only you could set AET settings differently for individual players, then you could immediately
AET the rest of the players.

Edit: Maybe that's something AWBW should add

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